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Build Harley items from the best global Harley Mobile Legends Season 11

Harley Great Invertor Mobile Legends

Harley is one of the most agile magicians in Mobile Legends. Plus, Harley also has tremendous burst damage thanks to his 3rd and 1st abilities. Then he can get in and out of team fights very easily.

One of the weaknesses of this Harley is that it is very weak at the end of the game. Because in this phase Harley is very easy to kill by the shooter. As a result, there isn’t much that Harley can do by the end of the game.

Build items Harley Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Top Global Harley Mobile Legends Season 11
Nexplay Statistics.Tan ^

In this article, Cecepkocep now gives you a Harley building item from one of the top players in Mobile Legends Season 11, namely Nexplay.Tan ^. He is a Mobile Legends player from the Philippines and currently the top player for Harley Season 11. Before Season 11 ends, he could go under or stay.

How is the build item? Let’s check out the review below.

Arcane boots

Arcane Boots Mobile Legends
Arcane Boots Mobile Legends

The first item you have to buy is of course shoes (after jungle items) so that your movement speed is even faster. Usable shoe items now include Arcane Boots.

In addition to increasing your movement speed by 40 points, this Arcane Boot also grants you +15 Magical Penetration. The addition of this magic pen is of course very useful in piercing the enemy’s magic resistance.

Lightning stick

Lightning Tuncheon Mobile Legends
Lightning Tuncheon Mobile Legends

This lightning stick item gives you +75 magic power so of course it is very useful at the beginning of the game. Then give an additional +300 mana so that you can spam your skills more often. Then grants an additional + 10% cooldown reduction.

In addition, this baton item does extra damage from the passive based on how much you have. The more mana you have, the more damage you will do to the enemy.

Concentrated energy

Concentrated Energy Mobile Legends
Concentrated Energy Mobile Legends

In addition to the additional +75 magical powers, the Concentrated Energy item also gives you +400 HP. The addition of this HP status naturally increases the durability for the size of the hero mage. That way you survive more on the trail.

Concentrated energy items give you an additional 25% Magical Lifesteal or Magical Vampire. So every time you deal damage you will get 25% HP regeneration based on the amount of magical damage you dealt. This HP regeneration is added by 10% when you kill your opponent.

Divine glaive

Mobile Legends of Divine Glaive
Mobile Legends of Divine Glaive

This item offers a very large additional magical penetration that reaches 70%. Usually this item gives you + 40% magical penetration. But if your target’s blood is more than 70%, that magical penetration is increased again by 30%. So the sum is 70%.

Adding high magic penetration is very useful against tank drivers with high magic resistance, usually from Athena’s shield and immortality. By purchasing the Divine Glaive item, your damage goes to the tanker, even though it has a high magical resolution.

Winter club

Winter club Mobile Legends

Winter club Mobile Legends

The next item is the winter baton, which is used for defense. This item gives you +60 magical power, +25 armor and +400 HP. The addition of this status will of course give Harley even more stamina.

This winter club item also has an active skill. When you activate this active skill you will be immune to all types of enemy damage for 2 seconds and you will not move. The cooldown on this active skill is 100 seconds.


Immortality Mobile Legends
Immortality Mobile Legends

The last item you need to buy is immortality. You must purchase this item when the game has entered the late stage of the game. Not only does this item offer thick HP and great magical resolution, but it also allows you to come back to life after 2 seconds and have a chance to escape.

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The emblem used by Nexplay.Tan ^ is a custom mage emblem with 3x agility, 3x observation and magic worship arrangement. With such a talent arrangement, you will have high movement speed, great magic penetration, and your damage will increase.

Custom Magician Emblem Mobile Legends
Custom Magician Emblem Mobile Legends

With spells, it’s definitely retribution, guys. Because this article will really help you farm faster.

So that’s it folks, build Harley items from top gamer Harley Mobile Legends Season 11. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for other build items. Thanks very much.

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