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Build Harith Sick 2021 from Top Global Udil & When Guaranteed Savage! – This is the latest Harith build for 2021, sickest of Wann, Udil and Lemon. Use this strongest gear, guaranteed wild!

The best mage ever chosen in this leaderboard match has indeed become one of the most feared OP heroes from Season 9 to date. Like other magicians, Harith has a very high win rate.

Of course, this white spotted hero has everything it takes to become the strongest hero. Thanks to Chrono Dash’s ability, Harith has very high mobility to escape and hunt down enemies.

Not only that, its durability is also very good considering that the shield generated by Chrono Dash’s ability is also very thick. Just like other mages, Harith has the ability with a very fast cooldown.

For the problem of damage, of course, there is no need to question it. Even if he always receives nerfs with every new patch, Harith remains a blocked subscription due to the damage that is still too painful.

But of course, all of the damage and cooldown that is so fast certainly can’t be separated from Harith’s proper build arrangement. Equipment, emblems, and combat spells also affect a Harith’s individual performance.

Build Harith Mobile Legends

For those of you who want to know what items are used in Harith’s Build, this article is the right read. But, as always, it is good to know all the attributes of this hero before we know what equipment we recommend.

Harith attributes

  • PS: 2701
  • Mana: 490
  • Physical attack: 114
  • Attack speed: 0.84
  • Movement speed: 240
  • HP regeneration: 36
  • Mana regeneration: 18
  • Armor: 19
  • Magic Resistance: 10

Harith skills

  • passive – Important findings : Harith gains a drag effect of up to 70% depending on the number of enemies around him. After using a skill three times, the damage done by Skill 1 – Synchro Fission does more damage.
  • Skills 1 – Synchro-splitting : From the opposite direction, Harith creates a shadow of himself that deals 120 magical damage + 60% magical power to enemies within the range of this ability. When the two skills meet, there will be an explosion in the middle that does 3x damage, namely 360 magical damage + 180% magical power on all enemies in the area.
  • Skills 2 – Chrono Dash : Harith moves to the selected location and steals the magical attack of the surrounding enemy, then he receives a bubble-shaped shield that can withstand 300 damage + 180% magical power. Harith’s next attack increases and deals 250 magic damage + 80% magic power and slows the enemy by 70%. If this attack hits the enemy, the next Chrono Dash will reduce the cooldown by 4 seconds.
  • Ultimate – Age of Power : Harith summons an Age of Power in a cruciform location, then the next Synchro-Fission cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds. If the enemy is hit by this cross, they will not be able to move for 1.2 seconds. Not only that, the enemy also gets a 50% slowing effect for a while afterwards. When Harith enters a cruciform area with Chrono Dash, the cooldowns of the next Synchro Fission and the next Chrono Dash are reduced by 2 and 4 seconds, respectively.

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Combat spells

  • retribution : As a mage who can control the game from early game to late game, Retribution will help Harith get rich first so he can win different battles
  • flicker : If you want to take the bottom or top lane, I recommend the Flicker spell over retribution. This is because the chance of getting jungle decreases as Harith doesn’t fill the middle lane. This spell can also be useful for Harith when he is ganked.

Build Harith Sick Auto Savage!

After learning about his stats, skills, and combat spells, now is the time to find out which build structure Hariths is recommended by top Global Mobile Legends players. So here is the article list!

Magical shoes

Build Harith: Magical Shoes

These shoes are mandatory for Harith when acting as a mid-laner. The advantage the Mid-Laner has is the ability to get it so Harith doesn’t have to think about which one anymore.

Just like other operating room mages, Harith had to think about reducing the cooldown on his abilities in the early game. So he can continuously roam and watch the war in Bot Lane or Top Lane.

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Disaster Reaper

Disaster Reaper

As before, the first 5 minutes for Harith are focused on reducing the cooldowns. Then came the ability to regenerate and also high magical power so that it can spam skills during the war.

For Harith, who uses his basic attack after using Skill 2, the passive on this item is certainly very useful. After using the basic attack, Harith deals additional real damage to the enemy.

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Concentrated energy

Concentrated energy

In order to survive any war, Harith also needs items with magical life-robbing effects. Choosing Concentrated Energy over Ice Queen Wand is certainly very reasonable considering that mid-game Harith needs extra HP to defend against the opponent’s attack.

In addition, this item’s passive skill is very useful for Harith as well. As an enforcer, Harith gains 10% HP every time he kills the opponent’s hero.

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Berseker’s anger

Berserker's rage

It may look strange, but just like Kimmy, Harith can combine magical and physical items at the same time. Especially with critical items, I think this is not a problem at all.

In addition to adding physical and critical attacks, the passive of this item also increases physical attacks by 5% in 2 seconds. So that the resulting critical damage becomes even sicker.

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Thunder belt

Thunder belt

After receiving multiple nerfs on shields generated by the Chrono Dash skill, this item becomes a replacement for Immortal, which works more during the war.

Using this item will at least give you pretty big HP and Physical Defense as well. And just like the Calamity Reaper, every basic attack does real damage to the enemy.

But that’s not the goal, active skills in the form of cooldown reduction and additional HP are very useful to spam Skill 2 to opponents so that Harith can get a shield faster.

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Divine glaive

Build Harith: Divine Glaive

Many user mages are unaware of the ability of this item and prefer Blood of Wings in the late game as BoW grants an active skill of +150 Magic Power. While this is a wrong thought, various laboratory experiments have been carried out and it has been found that the Divine Glaive can cause enormous damage.

This item not only offers magical power, but also has 40% magical penetration. His passive ability is also very good, when Harith has HP over 70% his unique effect increases by 30%. This can of course cause enormous damage to the enemy.

Thank you for reading the article titled Build Harith Sick 2021 from the World’s Leading Mobile Legends of Udil, Wann and Lemon. Hopefully this article can help you make better use of Harith.

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