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Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global

Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global

hero Angela is a hero with a support role who has very unique skills that can invade a teammate’s body. Support heroes are not liked by the majority of players Cell phone legends, although hero support plays an important role and can change the course of the game.

Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global
Heroine Angela Mobile Legends

Heroine Angela is nicknamed Bunnylove, a cute girl with blue rabbit ears has a unique rain / poke skill. Angela attacks by giving the opponent a heart-shaped attack or love. Angela’s hero can be bought with battle points 24000 and 499 to use diamonds.

Story of heroine Angela in Mobile Legends

DR. Baker was one of the founders of Lab 1718, an institution founded with the aim of bringing peace to the world. But as its founder got deeper and deeper into the evil human weapon experiment, Dr. Baker felt that he had no choice but to leave and pursue a new project. Solving the questionable ethics of human experimentation, he tried to create a new form of life just out of mechanical skeletons, doll laces, and faux leather, and finally a new generation of artificial life was born. DR. Baker firmly believed that love and hope were mankind’s greatest inventions and programmed the world’s most moving stories into the heart of his new creation.

One fine morning, Peace Android Prototype 1 woke up from his bed and Dr. Baker named this adorable mechanical angel Angela. Angela follows Dr. Baker, studies hard to understand the world and hopes to live up to the doctor’s high expectations. However, their peaceful coexistence soon came to a standstill. When the mad scientists in the lab heard rumors in 1718 that Dr. Baker had created a soul that lived outside the human body, they couldn’t believe it. They convinced themselves that Baker had betrayed them and kept that knowledge to themselves before fleeing, so they ordered Dr. Baker’s previous Alpha and Beta creations, Dr. Chasing Baker and his creations. As their wizard approaches them, Dr. Baker puts Angela in a flight capsule and instructs her to find her best friend, Dr Rooney.

However, the flight capsule was hit by a terrible thunderstorm and landed in a remote corner of the Land of Dawn. Emerging from the rubble, Angela begins her journey to find Dr Rooney and save her father.

is up story of heroes angela here is the explanation Skills which is owned Angela’s heroes:

  • Intelligent heart (passive)
    Every time Angela uses a skill, her movement speed increases by 15% for 4 seconds, can be increased up to 30%. This acceleration effect is also applied to team members.
  • Love waves (active 1)Fires love energy from a specific direction, dealing 170 (+ 30% total magic strength) magic damage and adding the lovers mark. Each stack of Lover Tokens increases damage done by 20% and reduces movement speed by 10%.
    Lasts 4 seconds and can be stacked up to 5 times. Returns 100 (+ 60% total magical power) HP to team members.
  • Puppet on a string (active 2)Angela hurls a puppet string at the specified target, dealing 350 (+ 70% total magic power) magic damage and gradually slowing the target by 80%.
    If the target is still tied to the rope for up to 3 seconds, the target is immobilized for 1.5 seconds and suffers 450 (+ 60% total magic power) magic damage. Each time the lovers increase the final damage by 450 (+ 60% total magical power).
  • Heart guardian (ultimate)Angela will collect energy to create shields for the targeted team members and absorb up to 1200 (+ 200% total magical power) for 6 seconds.
    After that, Angela moves to the target’s body for 12 seconds (all abilities can be used in this mode and without mana). The effect of this skill will be canceled if you press this skill again or the targeted teammate will be killed.

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  • Wizard boots
    Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Enchanted talisman
    Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global
  • immortality
    Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Dominance ice
    Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Thunder belt
    Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Antique cuirass
    Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global

Build gear Angela above is built Angela half tank then Combat spells what is suitable to use angela ?

Angela’s Battle Charm?

Which emblem set is suitable for Angela?

After reading it, I, as the blog owner, thank you for friends who have read my article about Build gear Angela Mobile Legends Top Global by Mas Apet, hope this article is useful and don’t forget to always support me for your attention. Thank you. .

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