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Build Esmeralda Sick 2021 from Top Global Udil & Wann Auto Savage – Want to hear about the worst Esmeralda build from top global companies Udil, Lemon and Wann? This is the new 2021 Auto Savage Gear!

As the strongest tank mage right now, Esmeralda is one of the most suitable heroes if she’s used to going to Mythic. The chance of winning when using this hero is also very high. Thanks to his magical abilities, he can even create a shield that fills his blood bar. So awesome!

This hero is sold at a price of 32,000 battle points and is very good to buy. Not only is he strong, but he can also be customized to become a hero mage or tank.

Mimin herself really likes this hero, because he has very high skills and damage. Even if it is made into a tank, the damage done still hurts. But this time around, Mimin will be delivering an Esmeralda build from the world’s leading cell phone legends Lemon, which is more focused on big damage.

As we know, Lemon is the king of mages in the Mobile Legends game. Surely Esmeralda’s list of equipment he recommended was correct. Mimin tried it too and got a lot of wild stuff even at the Mythic level.

Create mobile Esmeralda legends

But before we move on to the list of Esmeralda Mobile Legends Gear Build Items, you need to know the details of Esmeralda’s attributes and abilities in order to get lots of kills in the early game.

Esmeralda’s attributes

  • PS: 2573
  • Mana: 502
  • Physical attack: 114
  • Attack speed: 0.8
  • Movement speed: 240
  • HP regeneration: 36
  • Manareg: 20
  • Armor: 21
  • Magic Resistance: 10

Esmeralda’s ability

  • passive – Star Moon Box : Thanks to Starmoon Casket’s ability, Esmeralda can manipulate Stardust and Frostmoon, which deal double damage in the form of physical damage and magical damage. Any magical damage dealt to the enemy is converted into a shield for 150% damage.
  • Skills 1 – Frostmoon Shield : Esmeralda will generate 350 shields and + 100% total magical power for itself and increase movement speed by 20%. Meanwhile, the enemy’s shield is slowly being absorbed by Esmeralda.
  • Skills 2 – Stardust dance : Esmeralda dances while casting Stardust and Frostmoon, dealing 210 physical damage + 60% total physical ATK and 210 magical damage + 90% total magical power to nearby enemies. Using this skill reduces the cooldown of Skill 1 by 1 second.
  • Ultimate Skills – Falling star moon : Esmeralda is preparing to jump in the direction indicated. The longer he prepares, the greater the damage. This skill deals 350 physical damage + 90% total physical ATK and 350 magical damage + 140% total magical power.

Recommended combat spell

You can use the following 3 battle spells when:

  • flicker : Use this combat spell against enemies like Fanny and Gusion. This spell is useful for hunting down or avoiding elusive enemies.
  • sprint : Use this combat spell when the opponent has a high initiative to escape. Use this spell to chase the mm or mage behind the tank.
  • Clean : Use this spell when your opponent has a lot of crowd control heroes, like Franco, Khufra, Chou, Moskov, and Akai. This battle spell is very useful for Esmeralda to continue her combo so that her shield doesn’t go away.

If you already understand Esmeralda’s basic skills and techniques, now is the time to check out the list of Super Sick Esmeralda Lemon Builds. Here is the explanation!

Build Esmeralda Mobile Legends Unlimited Shield

Please note that Esmeralda must be able to use skill 2 and skill 1 combinations continuously in order to receive unlimited shields. So you have to buy the tips so that Esmeralda can use her combo Cooldown items so that the sign can fill up quickly.

The details of Esmeralda’s build item equipment are as follows.

Magical shoes

Build Esmeralda: Magical Shoes

As mentioned earlier, the first thing you have to do is buy Magic Shoes. This item provides an active ability in the form of a cooldown reduction on Esmeralda’s abilities.

Don’t worry, this item not only reduces the cooldown of the skill, it also offers an additional +40 movement speed which is useful for chasing enemies or running away from them.

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Disaster Reaper

Disaster Reaper

Not only does this item deal significant magical damage, it also has a bonus of 10% cooldown reduction. An active skill like this is certainly very useful for Esmeralda, who needs items to reduce the cooldown.

Well not only that, this item is very useful as it gives extra mana and regeneration at the same time when Esmeralda is not receiving a buff. Oh yeah, this item’s passive ability is also very interesting. Esmeralda deals real damage to the opponent every time she uses her basic skills.

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Feather of heaven

Feather of heaven

In the middle of the game, Esmeralda doesn’t just need magical damage to attack the enemy. He’ll also find it hard to defend himself against Karie if he just depends on the shield he has.

Therefore, he needs a magical item that gives the Speed ​​Attact ability so that he can defeat the opponent’s archer first. This item also gives magic damage and an extra + 5% movement speed, you know, so it’s perfect for Esmeralda.

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Holy crystal

Holy crystal

If you want to play fast and look for items with great but cheap damage, Holy Crystal is the solution.

This item gives Esmeralda +100 magic power. Also, each attack by Esmeralda made by this item is increased by 35%. Imagine what Esmeralda’s OP is like, already unlimited shields still have a lot of damage left.

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To prepare to face the opponent’s magician and protector at the last minute, you can buy Oracle. You won’t get a lot of HP, but this item has an active ability in the form of a pretty large magical defense. Its cooldown reduction effect is also very useful for Esmeralda.

But none of this has anything to do with the passive ability generated by this item. Her passive ability matches that of Esmeralda perfectly. This ability can increase the shield absorption generated by Esmeralda and increase HP regeneration by 25%. Very profitable!

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Genius wand

Build Esmeralda: Genius wand

And the last item I recommend for Esmeralda is the Genius Wand. Actually, there is nothing wrong with replacing it with Blood of Wings, especially if the game lasts up to 20 minutes.

In the late game, however, Esmeralda encounters a sickly opponent’s marksman. I think this item is more suitable because this item not only has high magical power but also offers movement speed to escape the ambush of the enemy.

Thank you for reading the article titled Item Gear and Build Esmeralda by the World’s Leading Udil and Lemon Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article is useful in helping you get wild!

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