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Build equipment Terizla Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Terizla Mobile Legends Top Global

Hero Terizla is the newest hero in Mobile Legends game in July 2021, this Terizla hero is very unique by his very scary appearance like a hunter, a killer. This hero is a fighter hero.

Build equipment Terizla Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Terizla Mobile Legends

You can get Terizla in the Mobile Legends game store for the price of 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds. This hero uses a huge hammer to attack the enemy with the slowest attack speed, but Terizla has great physical damage and is very deadly, Terizla can be said to be the slowest hero compared to other heroes. Hero Terizla his weakness lies in the attack speed, but this hero can cause very large physical damage.

The story of the hero Terizla in Mobile Legends

If faith can bring love, hope, and salvation to the world, why are wounded souls left behind? – This is the saying written on the stone inscription in the Monastery of Light in the Moniyan Empire. There is an iron cage deep in the monastery known as the door to rebirth. The dark and secret history of the empire is hidden in this cage.

When the guards opened it, all they saw on the wall was a shocking sentence, “Break the BELIEVE, it’s time to pay for what happened ten years ago” The world must be shrouded in darkness! “The entire Moniyan Empire – Terizla Escape!

#Terizla felt reborn, stopped and took a deep breath: Enjoy freedom while keeping your eyes closed. Suddenly his body began to ache, as if it were being pricked by a thousand needles, and his veins began to bulge around his eyes, his skin turned pale, at that moment there were only two feelings he could feel, pain, anger, half – Consciousness, control over his actions, he accidentally saw his ugly face and old memories came back into his head – and in fact it was a disaster.

#Terizla was once the head of the blacksmith’s shop in a small village near the Moniyan Empire. You can put life into a sword so that with the help of this powerful weapon even an ordinary warrior can kill some of the toughest enemies soon after they get good news from the Empire. The emperor sent an envoy by the name of Trust to the Lord of Light, the emperor asked the blacksmiths to surrender and submit to the empire. Adhering to the teaching traditions passed down from generation to generation. Terizla kindly declined. Confused by Terizla’s decision and repeatedly refusing to give up the empire, they visit her with cruel surprises, and all of their BluePrint is stolen. and all blacksmiths were erased from history.

#Terizla is captured in the Monastery of Light and forced to become a test subject. The process he suffered most from was – rebirth, which made the death of other blacksmiths seem easier than what he was currently suffering from, as his memories were constantly being erased. but Terizla. knowing that one day the Empire would receive retribution for their actions.

swallowed up by the anger of misery, Terizla once again felt that his head would burst any moment, suddenly a warm feeling surrounded him, and a beautiful girl stood in front of him, do not fight him, let hatred spread and explode in this land! ! If you need help, remember me – Abbyssal Witch. Her body no longer hurts, Terizla calms down, confused and thoughtful.

After reading Land Of Dawn or Terizla’s Top Global Mobile Legends Hero Story, now you need to know Terizla’s heroes’ abilities:

  • Chaotic Barrier (Passive)Terizla releases a protective energy that protects him when his blood or HP is below 30%. The damage taken by Terizla at close range is also reduced by 60%, and every 1% additional attack speed is converted into 2 points of physical damage.
  • Vengeance (Active 1)
    Terizla swings his hammer to the ground and deals physical damage to his enemy 2 times in a row. Enemies affected by this skill gain a 40% slow effect. In addition, Terizla gains an additional movement speed of 25% for 3 seconds.
  • Execution Strike (Active 2)Terizla will swing his hammer and deal damage three times, similar to Hilda’s heroine’s effect skill. After the third hammer blow, Terizla slows enemies affected by the skill by 30%.
  • Penalty Zone (Ultimate)
    When performing the Ultimate Skill, Terizla jumps and swings his hammer to the ground. Enemies around the ultimate area will be affected by damage and slowing effects and will be drawn to the center of the area.

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Build is up Strongest building of heroes Terizla Mobile Legends then Combat spells what to use Hero Terizla?

Terizla hero emblem set?

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