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Build equipment Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global

Hero Lylia is the latest Mobile Legends hero in July 2021 This hero Lylia contains a very deadly magician role hero This is a very unique hero with strange and deadly powers.

Build equipment Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global
Lylia Mobile Legends

Hero Lylia is a hero in the form of a child who uses a magic wand, this heroine Lylia is very agile and the damage done is very great, Hero Lylia has an ultimate ability which is very insane when Lylia is in the worst condition and the that Cell phone dies. Ultimate Lylia will fully regenerate her phone while Lylia returns to her shoes that were walking behind Lylia. It’s terrible, not the ultimate from Hero Lylia returning full Hp, Cuyy, this hero can’t die, this hero can’t die.

Story of Hero Lylia Mobile Legends

In the underground laboratory of the Magic Academy. Warnings and warning signs are everywhere. This is a paradise for dark magicians, sudden explosions and stinging potions make the place a terrible “haunted house”. Few people will come here and no one wants to befriend the dark magicians. The Former Black Mage Diamond Is Now Hard To Find As a descendant of the Dark Mage, Lylia has a unique character and unparalleled magical creativity, according to the historical records of the Magic Academy, Lylia’s parents are the supreme authority among the pioneers of the Dark Mages in creating the Magic Academy. Due to her destructive power and special black magic, Lylia’s parents had to leave the magic academy a long time ago. Lylia grew up alone and was often misunderstood because of her identity as a black magician. Lylia kindly wanted to prove it for herself. She wanted a friend and would like to be recognized like any other magician. Lylia volunteered to help her classmates; for example, when Eudora needed lightning magic, she would use the black magic lightning rod to aid Eudora in a major lightning attack. But his help ended up hurting Eudora. At other times, Harley wants to hone his magical skills, so Lylia practices Black Magic on Harley’s Magic Hat. Harley again, injured by his black magic. No matter how hard he tried, it was impossible for him to get rid of that name. The magicians at the Magic Academy thought Lylia was a problem. Often times, Lylia accepts this identity and actually acts like a troublemaker, but her obsession with black magic has never changed: she knows that black magic is omnipotent and can at any time connect different spaces that connect the real world to stone Past or present future, he wants to be the greatest dark magician and he wants to get to know his parents. This desire drives her to fight despite repeated setbacks to find the most powerful black magic, Lylia has tried to crack gaps in time with dark magic in the hope of finding a critical moment, unfortunately every crack brings out meteorites or other creatures strange worlds with her, Lylia does not want to give up: she continued to gather her magical energy in the hope of finding the most stable path, Until Lylia finally found a strange creature from the rifts torn by her black magic – snoring, a kind Void monster who loved to devour magic. When Lylia was practicing Dark MAGIC, snoring filled the laboratory almost entirely. they reproduced with alarming speed, they were so loyal to Lylia that every instruction from Lylia was carried out on time. For the first time, Lylia felt like she had a lot of fun friends. But this strange creature gets greedy. Lylia had an idea, she opened the door of the underground laboratory, the snorers came out looking for all kinds of magical energy, Lylia looked at the disaster with an invisible smile. The trick that showed the Magic Academy’s greatest black magician was finally back. Magician are you ready?

After reading Land Of Dawn or the story of the Top Global Hero Lylia Mobile Legends, now you need to know the abilities of Lylia’s hero:

  • Furious Darkness (Passive)
    Lylia gains power from gloom, Lylia increases her speed by 15%, each gloom increases her level increases her power speed by 5%
  • Magical Shock Wave (Active 1)
    Lylia triggers a wave of attacks to the front, inflicting 250 (+ 100% total magical power).
  • Shadow Energy (Active 2)
    Lylia releases shadow energy in the designated area, dealing 130 (50% Total Magic Power) magic damage to nearby enemies and slowing them down by 80%
  • Black Shoes (Ultimate)
    Lylia immediately returned to where the Black Shoes were 4 seconds ago, regenerating her HP by 15% and her speed by 40%.

After relaunching Hero Lylia’s skills in this article, Build Gear Items are Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global, Lylia Top Global, Lylia Top Player, Top Local Lylia, Item Lylia, Build Lylia Savage, Item Lylia, Item Lylia Great Damage , Lylia is sick, Lylia is the strongest, Item Lylia, Item Lylia jess no limit is the newest, build Lylia is the newest, build Lylia is sick, Lylia assassin is sick, build Lylia is fatal, build Lylia is the strongest, build Lylia:

  • Warrior boots
    Build equipment Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Enchanted talisman
    Build equipment Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Disaster Reaper
    Build equipment Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Frozen wand
    Build equipment Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Divine glaive
    Build equipment Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Glowing wand
    Build equipment Lylia Mobile Legends Top Global

Build is up Hero Lylia’s physique hurts in the last Mobile Legends game Combat spells what to use Lylia?

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