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Build equipment Layla Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Layla Mobile Legends Top Global

hero Layla is a hero who has a sniper role with a very large weapon, we get this hero for free at the beginning during training in Mobile Legends game.

Build equipment Layla Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Layla Mobile Legends

Layla is the first hero available for free because the sniper type Layla is a hero who has the longest attack range compared to other snipers. You can see when Layla was away when attacking the tower. Layla can attack the tower without being at the limit of the range of the tower circle.

Story of Hero Layla Mobile Legends

Layla was born into a family with a gun history. As a happy and friendly child, he is always optimistic and full of justice and adventure. He dreams of becoming a messenger from the land of the dawn who will fight for his peace. Her father was the most famous weapons expert in the City of Scholars from the Land of Dawn, but as a child, Layla was not interested in her family’s discoveries. when he grows up. he wants to become a famous magician and study at the Magic Academy where he can learn the magic of his dreams. But unfortunately the reality is so cruel. His dream was heartlessly rejected by his father, who dreamed that the city of scholars would one day surpass the magic academy in fame and power. He spent his time researching the technology of the most powerful firearms, which would be more powerful than those of the Magical Academy. In his research, he read and followed many ancient records before discovering that deep in the southern abyss lies a magic stone that, when clamped, can be used to make firearms of extraordinary power. His goal of surpassing the Magic Academy was now within reach.

Ignoring the worries of his daughter and his wife, he embarks on a dangerous expedition into the abyss. His journey was long, but the father finally found the magic stone he was looking for at the end of the abyss. When he saw that he would soon be able to manufacture his most powerful weapon, Layla’s father was overjoyed. after returning home, he worked on his strongest creation from morning until night. did not even stop eating or drinking, but the joy did not last long. Excessive contact with the magic stone caused his mind to lose its normal function and exacerbate his anger when his actions became strange and unpredictable.

Strange creatures secretly enter the City of Scholars in search of their lost magical stones. This magic stone belongs to the Lord Of The Abyss, who does not allow anything to be taken from his territory. The creatures could sense the position of the magic stone and raided Layla’s house in the City of Scholars, Layla’s mother was killed and her father completely lost his mind. Young Layla was scared because it looked like she was going to fall victim to the clutches of this strange creature too. At the last second, her father appears and attracts the attention of the attackers, leaving Layla with no hope except for the latest discovery of her father, the Malefic Cannon. Layla pulled the trigger hard and the gun activated as the monsters leaped at her. The energy of the postiles was so strong that their pressure waves hit his father too. no longer using common sense. he looks silently at layla, layla before he grabs her injured arm and jumps out the window. At that time, Layla’s father left City Of Scholar. Layla decided to study the technology behind Malefic Cannon and represent City of Scholar across the country while searching for her father’s Journey to the Hero.

is up Lawn of the Dawn of heroes Layla can be said is Story of the hero Layla Before using the Hero Layla, read up on Skills which is owned Hero Layla :

  • Malicious Weapon (Passive)Increased damage: 100-130 percent
    This skill is a passive skill used by Layla. Essentially, this skill will do additional damage based on Layla’s distance from her enemy. The further away the enemy is, the greater the damage done.
  • Bad bomb (Active 1) Layla fired the projectiles in a straight line. The first enemy hit by the Malefic Bomb takes damage. Malicious bomb cannot penetrate the target, so it is quite difficult to use this skill accurately.
    Damage: 200/240/280/320/360/400 physical damage
    Cooldown: 5.5 seconds
    Mana cost: 40
    Malicious Bomb is Layla’s one-target skill. This ability makes him a scary hero in the early game. Unfortunately, the power of this skill will continue to decrease as the enemy hero develops.
    Malefic Bomb can be used as an opening attack or finisher, depending on combat conditions, cooldown, and the presence or absence of other targets blocking the Malefic Bomb’s trajectory.
    You can spit out a Malefic Bomb at the beginning and then take out the Destruction Rush enemy that penetrates all targets or open an attack with a Void Projectile followed by various regular attacks and then end with a Malefic Bomb. Of course, as long as the target is not blocked by creeps or other heroes.
  • Void Projectile (Active 2)Layla shot a ball of energy from her cannon. Anyone who gets on the AoE attack will be exposed to splash damage and slowed down for two seconds.
    Damage: 170/200/230/260/290/320 physical damage
    Slowly: 60 percent
    Duration: 2 seconds
    Cooldown: 7.5 seconds
    Mana cost: 65
    This ability makes Layla even more useful in the late game. Void Projectile creates splash damage and a slow state that can be tracked by the team. If you are lucky, the void projectile will hit all of your enemies at once, causing a mass slow. That’s why Layla really needs a good position in the war.
  • Destruction Rush (Ultimate)This ultimate skill targets the ground and has a slight delay when issued. Everyone in a straight line takes physical damage that penetrates all targets.
    Damage: 500/650/800 physical damage
    Cooldown: 37 seconds
    Mana cost: 130
    This skill increases Layla’s normal attack range
    As the ultimate, Destruction Rush has everything from decent damage, multiple targets, and a not too long cooldown. Destruction Rush’s only weakness is that its AoE is just a straight line in front of Layla.
    Since it has a relatively small AoE, Layla has to position herself so that she can hit many targets at the same time or there are other heroes who can stop the opposing hero’s movements, which makes it easier for Destruction Rush to hit.

after i knew Skills owned by heroes Layla back to this article is Build Gear Item Layla Mobile Legends Top Global, Laylay Top Player, Local Top Layla, Layla Savage, Build Layla Savage, Item Layla, Item Layla Jess No Limit, Gear Layla starkste, Item Layla ml, Item Layla Damage Big, Item Layla Sick, Layla’s newest product as follows :

  • Haas’ claws
    Build equipment Layla Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Fast boots
    Build equipment Layla Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Scarlet Phantom
    Build equipment Layla Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Berserker’s rage
    Build equipment Layla Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Wind announcer
    Build equipment Layla Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Blade of Despair
    Build equipment Layla Mobile Legends Top Global

The build above is Build Layla the strongest the item is very suitable for hero layla, which combat spell is then suitable for hero layla?

The magic of Layla’s hero?

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