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Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global

Hero Thamuz the fire demon lord Mobile legends finally released on the original server this hero wasn’t designed to resemble a human, Moonton finally released a hero named Thamus whose form is the devil of hell.

Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Thamuz Mobile Legends

Thamuz himself is a role fighter hero for a price you can buy in the market or buy with 3200 Battle Points while using 599 diamonds Thamuz Lord Lava . This hero is very suitable for war as the ultimate skill is very painful for the opponent and the Thamuz effect itself adds HP.

The story of Thamuz Hero Mobile Legends

Deep in the mountains darkness prevailed over everything. the only light was the red lava flowing in bottomless crevices. Since the abyss ruled the land, countless demons had become loyal followers of the abyss. strong in their faith, demons sing the will of the abyss in the deep caves – only the strong deserve to rule!

The fire demon tribe, who guarded the abyss for thousands of years, had almost become rulers of the abyss. Thamuz, King of the Fire Demon, and his people make the Abyss a formidable force. He was a fearsome warrior with a ruthless temperament, ruthless, using ruthless methods to achieve his goals. Possessing exceptional natural strength, Thamuz was named Chief of The Abyss, who led the Abyss to conquer the entire underworld.

For Thamuz, all his opponents were worthless rubbish, unworthy of living in this world. In his eyes only he is worthy to lead. Thamuz was unable to accept the blood demon Alice due to his unclean bloodline.

When the gates of the Abyss opened, the armies of demons waited longingly for Thamuz to return. However, once the King of the Fire Demon returns, he will burn down all weak demons – only the strong deserve to be part of the Abyssal Army. Thamuz had been waiting for the day when he would lead the Abyssal Army through the Land of Dawn to tell everyone: Only strong rule!

is up story hero Thamuz Mobile Legends my friend must know beforehand Skills owned by heroes Thamus:

  • Grand Duke Lava (Passive)Thamuz inflicts a scorch effect in the form of damage per second (DPS) of 12 points (+ 5% total physical ATK) after hitting the enemy with normal attacks or abilities. The DPS inflicted increases to real damage when the target moves.
    Thamuz’s passive skill has a connection with Skill 1 (End of Battle Scythes). If he does not hold his twin scythe, he will receive a 30% movement speed bonus. His base attack is also increased by 20% and the enemy’s movement is slowed by 40% after the scythe returns to the hands of the Fire Demon Lord.
    In addition, after the scythe returns to the hand, the basic attack effect also creates jets of lava where the enemy is standing. The lava explodes for two seconds, dealing 280 physical damage (+ 60% additional physical ATK).
    Not the ultimate skill or the 1 and 2 skills. Passive skills really make Thamuz OP. Passive skills can be compared to a complete set of skills. Passive abilities not only generate additional damage, but also buffs, DPS effects, and controls. So don’t be surprised if Thamuz can take down the enemy in the blink of an eye when the passive skill effect is this GG.
  • Slaughtering scythes (active 1)Thamuz threw his twin scythes in a certain direction. The sickle rotates quickly and moves slowly forward. When the scythe moves, enemies in its path are exposed to physical damage with the formula 160-360 (levels 1-6, + 100% total physical ATK). Enemies are also affected by a slowing effect of 40% for a few moments and DPS (physical damage) of 60-110 points every 0.5 seconds.
    After a few seconds the scythe returns to Thamuz. As explained in the previous point, if he attacks with simple attacks after the scythe returns, he gets a buff.
    This ability is arguably the key to Thamuz’s attack. You can use it to bump enemies easily with its DPS effect. No doubt about it as this skill has no cooldown. In addition, Thamuz does not use which system.
  • Abyssal Jump (active 2)Thamuz leaps towards the enemy, then deals 250-400 physical damage (+ 80% additional physical ATK). Enemies are also slowed down for 2 seconds. If the twin scythe attack (skill 1) is active, the scythe will return to Thamuz when he uses this skill.
    This skill can be an excellent opening attack in combat. Make sure to use Skill 1 first before jumping with this skill to take extra damage from passive skill effects.
  • Caustic Inferno (Ultimate)Thamuz spits out lava stored in his body and deals physical damage of 300-480 (levels 1-3, + 100% total physical ATK) to nearby enemies. The attack then created hot air around his body. Enemies exposed to heat are subjected to DPS of 20-36 (+ 10% total physical ATK) every 0.3 seconds. The heat lasts 9 seconds.
    When this skill is active, Thamuz restores HP by 2% when dealing damage with a basic or sickle attack (Skill 1). That is, you can get a regeneration effect even when the enemy is not around you. This condition, of course, comes with the condition that skill 1’s sickle attack hit the enemy.

after i knew Skills what hero thamuz has in this article is Build Gear Item Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global, Thamuz Top Player, Thamuz Top Local, Item Thamuz Jess No Limit, Gear Thamuz starkste, Item Thamuz ml, Item Thamuz Big Damage, Sick Thamuz Item as follows :

  • Haas’ claw
    Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Warrior boots
    Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Endless struggle
    Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
    Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Blade of Despair
    Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Brute force breastplate

Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global

Build above is a build hero Thamus huge damage can also be referred to as an item Thamus shell which combat spell is then suitable for thamuz hero?

Battle magic hero Thamuz?

Thamuz hero emblem set?

  • magician
  • Assassin
  • fighter

After reading it, I, as the blog owner, thank you for friends who have read my article about Build equipment items Thamuz Mobile Legends Top Global by Mas Apet, hope this article is useful and don’t forget to always support me for your attention. Thank you. .

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