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Build equipment item Saber Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment item Saber Mobile Legends Top Global

saber is a robot ninja hero or cyborg ninja slang, the result of genetic engineering aims to create a swordsman by combining thousands of DNA swordsmen from all races and named a swordsman. arises Saber.

Build equipment item Saber Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Saber Mobile Legends

Hero’s saber You can get it in the shop at a price of 6500 Battle Points or 254 Diamonds, this hero is rarely used because the saber does not have thick blood aka soft or soft hero, but the saber hero’s excess has a very deadly ability to make enemies easily to kill, especially to easily lock or lock any of the opponent’s heroes.

Mobile Legends Hero Saber Story

Saber’s birth brings back the laboratory’s early years of 1718. Initially, he was a scientist on one of Scholar City’s most famous discovery teams. DR. Rooney hopes that this team will be able to unlock the potential of mechanical inventions and lead the world to glorious technological advances. But these highly intellectual radical scientists became increasingly fond of modifications to the human body. They conduct crazy experiments that ignore the limits of what the human body can tolerate. They want to try anything, with a combination of technology and power, as long as it enhances human abilities that are not naturally exposed. As a result, Dr Rooney was forced to disband and banish this team of scientists.

Despite losing the generosity of Dr Rooney, the scientists didn’t give up on their dream. They set up their own laboratory and symbolized the admiration they harbored for their discoveries. The laboratory of 1718 was established, and the laboratory gathered radical scientists from every corner of the world to conduct rigorous and meticulous experiments on the subject, with the aim of creating stronger and more advanced human weapons. Scientists collected genes from hundreds of swordmasters from all over the world. Race, combined it with cutting-edge technology to create the first man-made man. This is the first creation by the 1718 Laboratory, and they named it Saber after the origin of its creation. Saber has a proud and aloof personality, his sword is able to cut space and time. With his sword he travels between dimensions, his skills are not surpassed by any opponent he meets. However, since the saber was very lonely, it gradually became clear to him that after every battle, when he returned to the 1718 laboratory to repair himself, he could no longer remember who his opponent was. This realization made him curious about the origin of his creation, he also began to wonder about his true identity: another question that could not be answered in the laboratory in 1718, where he only submitted to his fighting instinct when completing missions, Gradually, After growing tired of these existences, he decides to free himself from the control of the laboratory in 1718 and travels to the Land of Dawn, where he hopes to find answers in his own heart in endless struggles.

After reading Land Of Dawn or the story of the saber hero of the Top Global Mobile Legends, my friend now needs to know the saber hero’s abilities:

  • Enemy’s Curse (Passive)
    This Saber Skill deals damage to enemy Heroes, which can reduce their Physical Defense by 7. Stack up to 5 times. And lasts 5 seconds.
  • Flying sword (active 1)
    Saber fires 4 flying swords (like Suriken), with each sword causing up to 160 (90% additional physical attack points) physical damage, the sword spins around the saber for some time and flies back to the saber saved. Using the Charge Skill or Skill 2 can decrease the sword’s cooldown. This sword deals damage when it hits the opponent when they return to the saber (only get 40% of the spell vamp). This skill has an 8.0 second cooldown and costs 80 mana.
  • Charging (Active 2)
    Saber flies forward to attack a predetermined location, dealing 80 (+ 40% total physical attack) points of physical damage to enemies along the way. This skill has a 14.0 second cooldown and costs 70 mana. This skill can also be used to run away from enemies.
  • Triple Sweep (Ultimate)
    Saber attacks the opponent’s hero by striking the air and then giving 3 consecutive hits with his sword. Each blow he deals deals 200 (+ 130% additional physical attack) damage to the enemy affected by this skill. Has a cooldown of 34.0 seconds and consumes 100 mana cost. This skill is usually used as a counter-hero for hard-to-catch heroes like Hayabusa, Fanny, etc.

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