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Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global

hero Belerick Once upon a time there was a story of a hero from the tree-man race who was commissioned to lead peace, wherever there was conflict, the tree-man’s hero helped the weak. One day he got a whisper from his ancestors to go to the desert, and there he found the Minoan kingdom in ruins.

Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Belerick

Hero Belerick cannot be bought with Battles Points or Diamonds for the time being. This hero can be acquired at the event yesterday. Swap “Plants” friend lists. this hero is nicknamed “go green”
Hero Belerick has its own privileges for tank hero fans, Hero Belerick has a lot of damage, not from the basic attack that Belerick has, but from his passive ability that does a lot of damage.

The story of the hero Belerick in Mobile Legends

There is a legend in the world of the Land of Dawn. The legend tells of a mysterious creature named Belerick who has a noble task.

In the great forest in the center of the Land of Dawn stood a huge tree looming overhead. Nevertheless, this tree is considered sacred by the local residents. The reason is that they assume that the tree is a protector from all harm.

One day an elf appeared and came to the tree. It turned out that the elf had made a big mistake. The elf wept in front of the big tree and regretted the mistake he had made. Until his tears fell on the tree.

When the elf left the forest, a miracle suddenly happened. The big tree slowly turned into a reptile-like creature named Belerick.

Belerick was indirectly created out of repentance for all evil deeds. That makes him a creature full of goodness. Belerick also hates different types of conflict, including wars that claim many lives.

One day Belerick gets a mysterious whisper that leads him to go into a desert. Once there, he found the destroyed and crumbling Minoan Empire.

To save the Minoan nation, he sacrificed himself to create an oasis. This saved the Minoan kingdom. But Belerick had to hibernate because he had used up all his strength. Nevertheless, Belerick is very happy to be able to help people in need.

The story of the Belercik hero has previously proven that he was a kind-hearted hero, despite having a slightly scary appearance.

is up story from Hero Belerick Before using this hero you should know Skills what this hero Belerick has:

  • The Flower of Life (Passive)
    The passive skill of the Belerick hero makes him very special compared to other tank heroes, Belerick gets 30% more HP regeneration effect than items, the power of the flower of life also causes 50 magic damage to the closest enemy every time Belerick exposed to 200 damage, the flower of life Belerick’s main source of damage.
  • Seeds of nature (active 1)
    A sign that can make the passive skill of Belerick The Flower Of Life steer the opponent and no longer hit it randomly, this skill can be called an attack opener for teammates, the damage is not really felt, but the slow effect is good enough to hold the enemy in if they want to flee.

    This attack deals magical damage to enemies hit by 250/290/330/370/410/450 (+ 60% total magical power) and slows by 40%. Enemies hit by this skill will also gain a nature seed mark associated with a passive skill.

  • Power of nature (active 2)
    The attack after activating this skill says that the enemy will be exposed to an additional damage equal to 6% of the enemy’s lost HP, which means that this skill will be used very effectively against dying enemies.

    Belerick sacrifices a little of his HP to increase movement speed by 50%. This skill also buffs Belerick’s basic attack after this skill is active.

  • Shield of nature
    This skill makes Belerick a good half-aid thanks to its healing properties and damage reduction. The existence of this skill will certainly be effective, though Build items Belerik Defense Unfortunately, the thicker the blood, the more effective this skill is because it is difficult to die.

is up Belerick’s hero skills back to the topic of the article about Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global, Belerick Top Global, Belerick Top Player, Belerick Top Local, Belerick Jess No Limit Items.

  • Wizard boots
    Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Skyguard’s helmet
    Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global
  • oracle
    Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Antique cuirass
    Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
    Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Twilight armor
    Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Belerick Above is a build that is very good for Belerik heroes due to the very fast HP regeneration, a combination of Sky Guardian Helmet and Oracle items, maybe Jess No Limit will also use Build Belerick made by me, then Combat spells what does the hero Belerick use?

Battle spells from Belerick

The emblems used by Belerick

After reading it, I, as the blog owner, thank you for friends who have read my article about Build equipment Belerick Mobile Legends Top Global A favor from Mas Apet, I hope this article is useful and don’t forget to always stand by me for your attention. Thank you. .

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