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Build Aulus Hurt Jess No Limit Season 21

The following is the Aulus Tersakit Build Ala Jess No Limit, the new Mobile Legends hero, released on the original server by Moonton today, Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

In order to be able to play the new hero Aulus, you have to know at least the advantages and disadvantages first.

In addition, the most important thing is that the emblems and build items used must also be correct so that the heroes used in the game can be overwhelmed.

Hence, the Cocopins article prepared the best build arrangement for this Aulus hero. Do you want to know what kind of build hurts? Immediately check out the reviews below.

Build Aulus Sick ala Jess No Limit

Build Aulus Hurt Jess No Limit

  1. Warrior boots
  2. War ax
  3. Bloodlust ax
  4. Brute force breastplate
  5. Anthena shield / antique cuiras
  6. immortality

The first item is warrior boots. This item is used when the enemy is making a simple attack, then you will be given a physical defense that can be stacked up to 5x

The second item is the War Ax, a mandatory item that Aulus must have as this item can strengthen Aulus’ own passivity, namely the longer the fight, the stronger it is.

Bloodlust Ax, this item can provide a vampire spell that can be used to restore your blood when using skills.

Brute Force Breastplate, this item can provide stack defense and extra movement speed when attacking an enemy or creep.

Anthena Shield is used when it comes to an opponent that has high magical damage. If your opponent is mainly a physical hero, you can replace this item with ancient cuiras.

Immortality, you can use this item to revive it and you can replace this item with the purchase of a winter club.

So how is Aulus the sickest and strongest build season 21 above? If you want to learn more about other hero builds, you can check out several articles on Build Hero Mobile Legends on this blog.

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