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Build Angela Tersakit a la Rekt EVOS in 2021

Android31Angela Become one of the heroes to be resurrected. One of the professional players who managed to use Angela well was Rect from the team EVOS legends. For those of you who would like to use Angela like Rekt EVOS, we provide a cheat sheet on Rekt EVOS ‘2021 Tersakit Angela build.

Courage mask

As a support hero, Rect Angela wears a special roaming item called the Courage Mask. Courage Mask is an active item that increases movement speed by 30%, physical and magical power by 20% for all friends around Angela.

Additionally, by wearing a courage mask early in the game, Angela can gain 25% gold and additional EXP when she receives an assist. This will be very useful for Angela helping her teammates.

Magical shoes

For the next item, Rekt is seen with a shoe item called Magic Shoes. In addition to increasing movement speed, Magic Shoes also increases the cooldown reduction by 10%, which is sure to be very useful for Angela as she can spam her skills in the early game.

Necklace of the Durance

Necklace of the Durance is a perfect choice for support type heroes like Angela. Because this item gives a regeneration reduction effect to the enemy and makes HP restoration effects like lifesteal and healing less effective when it is passively affected by this item.

In addition, the passive effect of this item can reduce the regeneration effect. Necklace of Stamina also increases 60 Magical Power, 10% Magical Lifesteal, and 5% Cooldown Reduction.

Frozen wand

To maximize Angela’s slow crowd control effect, Rekt uses the Ice Queen wand.

Ice Queen wand increases 75 Magical Power, 10% Magical Lifesteal, 150 Mana and 7% Movement Speed ​​and has a passive effect that can reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 30% if Angela manages to defeat the enemy with her skills.

Fleeting time

This fifth item is perfect for Angela as Fleeting Time not only increases 70 magic power and 15% cooldown reduction, but also has a passive ability that reduces the cooldown of Angela’s ultimate by 30% when she receives a kill or assist.

Glowing wand

For the last item, Rekt used the Glowing Wand item, as he had previously purchased the Exotic Veil item, which was the material for the Glowing wand. This item is also very useful for Angela so that she can defeat the enemy with her first ability.

That’s the discussion about Angela’s sick 2021 Rekt EVOS-style Mobile Legends build. Enjoy information about other gadgets and games, and don’t forget to follow Android31’s Facebook and Instagram for no less interesting updated information.

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