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Bren Esports becomes world champion in the Mobile Legend tournament

The M2 Mobile Legends champion was finally officially won by a team from the Philippines, namely Bren Esprts, after successfully overthrowing Burmese Ghouls (Myanmar). Below are the overall results of M2 Mobile Legends with Bren Esports as the world champion.

The highlight of the world-class Mobile Legends competition, the M2 Grand Final, rolled out on Sunday (January 24th, 2021). After Burmese Ghouls (Myanmar) and Bren Esports (Philippines), the two teams played very hard.

In the fight for the world championship title, the two teams naturally did not want to miss this opportunity. Even the Grand Final Match, which featured the Best of 7 (BO7) system, was so well used by the two teams.

There were actually seven games played during the M2 Grand Final. But in the end, Bren Esports played better and managed to beat the Burmese Ghouls in the battle for the M2 Mobile Legends world title.

Bren Esports himself made it to the playoffs via the upper bracket route. Unfortunately, Bren Esports was kicked in the top row by Burmese Ghouls to the bottom row and faced RRQ Hoshi.

In the lower bracket final, Bren Esports also managed to bring home the remaining Indopride, namely RRQ Hoshi. As a result, RRQ Hoshi also failed to win the world championship.

Bren Esports faced Burmese Ghousl again in the Grand Final and seemed to have learned from the mistakes they had previously made against the team. Until finally Bren Esports won 4-3 against Burmese Ghouls.

Bren Esports itself is made up of Coco, Ejhay, Flaptzy, Kartlzy, Lusty, Pheww, Ribo, the best ML players in the Philippines.

For this victory, Bren Esports now brings the world title and prize money of 140,000 US dollars or almost the equivalent of 2 billion rupees. The total price for M2 Mobile Legends, which is $ 300,000 or the equivalent of Rs 4.2 billion, means Bren Esports brought home almost half of that.

Here are the overall results of M2 Mobile Legends:

Bren Esports (Philippines) – M2 Mobile Legends Champion

Burmese Ghouls (Myanmar) – Runner-up in M2 Mobile Legends

RRQ Hoshi (Indonesia) – 3rd place in M2 Mobile Legends

Alter Ego (Indonesia) – 4th place in M2 Mobile Legends

This officially ends M2 Mobile Legends with Bren Esports as world champion. The fight between the two Indopride teams is also commendable, both RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego played well.

We must continue to support Indonesian representative teams that are competing on the world stage in the future. Although they did not succeed in becoming champions this time, the next Indonesian representative offices can hopefully make their homeland proud in the next world-class competition.

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