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[BOCORAN] Skills Dr. New Beanie Pet Free Fire

Android31 – Garena presents a new pet variant in the Free Fire game, this new pet will be in the OB28 patch by name DR. Cap. Free Fire itself has a total of 15 pet variants with unique styles and different skills to help players achieve something Buoyah!.

Prior to its publication, Dr. Beanie was there first to be tested Extended server last May. So that you can booyah with pet Dr. Beanie, here we are giving a leak regarding the skills and character recommendations that work very well with Dr. Cap.

Pet dr Free Fire cap

Comes in the shape of a duck and wears a hat or red cap. Style Dr. Beanie is still worn by jackets, fanny packs and glasses that go with today’s millennial fashion.

Pet Skills Dr. Free Fire cap

DR. Mütze has skills Dashy Duckwalk. The player gains extra speed when crouching (squat). Walk on short legs like a duck. This skill is very useful considering that many Free Fire players walk while crouching. Players typically use a crouching position when healing with a medkit and hide behind a wall globeto use AR or SR weapons.

With Dr. Beanie as a pet in Free Fire gives a 30% bonus Speed ​​of movement at level 1, which increases when the pet is at the maximum level.

Recommended character combo with Pet Dr. Free Fire cap

One of the right characters to meet up with Dr. Cap is Wukong. Wukong is currently a new meta in the Free Fire game. Presence of Dr. Beanie does a stealth skill move or skill camouflage Wukong is faster.

Like other pets, Dr. Beanie will be present in the shop after the first release through the Top Up Diamond event. You can get it at an estimated price 600 diamonds or pass Hat box around 40 diamonds.

For those of you who want to top up Free Fire Diamonds, you can top up Android31 from the link below.

Charge free fire

Add the Android31 PPOB STORE application on your smartphone without installing it, open the Android31 PPOB STORE with Google Chrome, then click the 3-dot icon in Chrome and select “Add to Main Screen”. Then click on the Android31 PPOB STORE application on the main screen of your smartphone. Or open the Android31 PPOB STORE website with the Google News or News application by following or following the Android31 PPOB STORE. Then find the Android31 feed in the section below to read the article.

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