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Bloodlust Ax, Blood Enhancer Item when using Skill - Mobile Legends Item Tutorial

Bloddlust Ax Guide Mobile Legends

Bloodlust Ax is one of the items in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Bloodlust Ax is an attack item, so it is usually used by heroes with physical damage such as assassins, fighters, and shooters.

The Bloodlust Ax item is typically used by assassin heroes such as Lancelot, Hayabusa, and Saber. Some fighters such as Leomord, Martis, and Alpha also use the Bloodlust Ax item frequently.

Features of Bloodlust Ax Mobile Legends Items

In this article, Cecepkocep will explain in more detail about the Bloodlust Ax item. What’s so good about this article? And who are the suitable heroes to use the Bloodlust Ax item? Let’s immediately take a look at the rating below.

Base status

+70 physical attack: The addition of that status is pretty big, guys for the early game. With this number of physical attacks, the heroes you use are sick enough guys.

+ 10% cooldown reduction: With this status, the heroes you use will be able to spam with skills more often, guys. Especially heroes who are very dependent on skills.


Bloodlust Ax Mobile Legends
Bloodlust Ax Mobile Legends

Bloodlust Ax’s passive item is to increase the spell vampire by 20%. Spell Vampire is HP regeneration when you attack targets with abilities, not normal attacks. Spell Vampire is very useful for heroes who often use abilities like Alpha, Leomord, and Martis.

Spell Vamp is different from Lifesteal, folks where Lifesteal is only active when attacking enemies with simple attacks. So if you are in need of life stealing it is better to buy Haas Claws or Endless Battle.

The 20% Spell Vampire granted by this Bloodlust Ax item is based on the amount of damage you deal to the target with skills. For example, if you attack an enemy with a skill that deals 1000 damage, you will get 200 HP of rain.

So the higher the damage of your abilities, the greater the HP regeneration of the Bloodlust Ax item. You have to make sure that the addition of 20% magic vamp is passive, not a basic status. So don’t buy 2 Bloodlust Ax items to get 40% magic vampire.

Bloodlust ax and blood festival

Festival of Blood is a talent that can be found in the fighter emblem and can give you 8% magic vamp even without items. This effect can increase up to 20% if you can kill the hero 12 times. Because every time you kill an enemy you get 1% magic vamp.

So if you use the Talent Festival of Blood and Bloodlust Ax you will get an additional + 40% Lifesteal. This value is very big, folks, just 2 alpha skills that produce 30% magic vamp are already terrible and hard to die.

Bloodlust Ax and Skill 1 Saber and Skill 1 Lancelot

Lancelot Mobile Legends

Skill 1 Saber and Skill 1 Lancelot only take up 40% of the total magic vamp you have. So if you buy the Bloodlast Ax item, the magic vamp only works 8%. Because 40% of 20% is 8%.

Hence, in the current meta, it’s very rare for Saber users to use the Bloodlust Ax item. They are more likely to use Endless Battle items which have a pretty big Lifesteal effect.

Bloodlust ax and cyclops

Before there was an item of concentrated energy, the bloodlust ax was a mandatory item for Cyclops. Because the vampire spell from this item still works for mage skills. But after the concentrated energy and other magic items with Zaubervam, the bloodlust ax is no longer used. Since it is useless, physical attack from this item will not be useful.

Who is suitable?

As I mentioned earlier, this Bloodlust Ax item is very suitable for heroes who rely heavily on skill. They prioritize skills over simple attacks. Here are some heroes who are very compatible with the Bloodlust Ax item.


Alpha Mobile Legends
Alpha Mobile Legends

Alpha is a fighter hero with a very large spell vamp with both abilities. Plus he’s also very weak if he only relies on basic attacks, so he really needs skills. In order for the spell skill to be short, it needs a cooldown reduction. Then the Bloodlust Ax was perfect for him.


Without skill 3, Leomord is very weak. Meanwhile, the line-up of Skill 3 is relatively long. Therefore, it needs a reduction in the cooldown. The Bloodlust Ax item is the answer folks. In addition, Leomord receives a vampire spell or HP regeneration for every skill that hits the enemy.


Just like Alpha and Leomord, Martis is a fighter who relies heavily on skill. Without skills, Martis is very weak. He is also very dependent on Skill 2, which is his main skill. Therefore, he needs a cooldown reduction in order to be able to spam skills. One option is to buy the Bloodlust Ax item.

Other heroes like Lapu Lapu are also suitable for using the Bloodlust Ax item. Essentially, heroes who rely heavily on ability will need the Bloodlust Ax item.

When was it bought?

This item is perfect for early game or after shoes purchase. The additional physical attack of the Bloodlust Ax item is quite large. In addition, the addition of the vampire spell is huge, so you will have more survival in laning and jungling.

That is the discussion this time about the Bloodlust Ax item in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for more discussion.

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