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Blibli uses SAP Commerce Cloud solution to expand to B2B network

Blibli continues to expand its business-to-business (B2B) services by launching an online procurement platform called Blibli for Business. Blibli selects SAP as its partner for the provision of SAP Commerce Cloud solutions that enable Blibli to become the leading B2B service provider in Indonesia.

B2B services further complement Blibli’s business ecosystem, business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) includes. where B2B is positioned as a one-stop solution for the procurement needs of corporate, institutional and government customers.

Blibli B2B is expanding its range of services by launching Blibli for Business, an online platform that drives digital transformation at the organizational level through e-procurement solutions.

“The pandemic has made cross-industry organizations aware of the importance of integrating digital technologies into the supply chain in order to maintain the smooth procurement of goods and services. For this reason, we designed the Blibli for Business platform as a one-stop solution based on innovative technology that makes the procurement process easier, more efficient and more transparent. Blibli for Business is further strengthened by Blibli’s e-commerce ecosystem, including a warehouse network that facilitates the movement of goods across Indonesia, “said Kusumo Martanto, CEO and co-founder of Blibli.

In addition to convenience, Blibli B2B also presents security as a decisive factor in maintaining the trust of business partners. Blibli became the first e-commerce in Indonesia to receive ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certification for implementing systems, including IT architecture and application programming interfaces (API), to ensure data security for all parties.

Blibli is also the first e-commerce company in Indonesia to be certified for the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) as it has demonstrated its maturity in carrying out the information security process.

In order to sustainably expand Blibli B2B in the long term, Blibli continues to strengthen the advantages it offers customers and suppliers who offer goods and services. For providers, Blibli B2B opens up the possibility of expanding their reach to the corporate market so that they can increase sales through mass sales.

For customers, Blibli B2B offers a complete and wide range of goods and services. Given that many companies are going through a digital transformation, Blibli B2B offers information technology (IT) products including computer hardware and software such as laptops and operating systems (OS) in addition to the information technology (IT) products required for IT infrastructure such as servers.

Blibli B2B also offers maintenance, repair and operational (MRO) products for business operations such as building materials, safety equipment, heavy equipment and vehicles. Various Blibli B2B products can be viewed on the Blibli for Business platform at

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Blibli B2B is also seeing positive growth, as the increase in customers, providers and products shows. In the first half of 2021, the number of Blibli B2B customers doubled compared to the previous year. During the same period, the number of providers doubled, which tripled the volume of available products.

Solution for Blibli B2B platform with SAP

In order to exploit the potential, Blibli decided on the SAP Commerce Cloud solution to create differentiation and added value in the market. Thanks to a platform that can provide and describe the travel and data analysis of the relevant customer, Blibli can continue to be innovative.

Product innovations (product and presentation features) are now more geared towards market needs and can only be successful if they can support the company’s operational performance in terms of both cost efficiency and market expansion.

Andreas Diantoro, Managing Director of SAP Indonesia, said that SAP is very proud to be able to support Blibli in expanding into B2B business.

“With the convenience that SAP Commerce Cloud solutions offer, such as Front office that is integrated into the back office, with architecture that supports headless commerce, micro-services expansion, equipped with disaster recovery, monitoring tools and autoscaling at no additional cost, as well as platform upgrade services that are included help to stay innovative as an intelligent company with leading cloud technology, ”said Andreas.

The SAP Commerce Cloud solution helps companies to simplify the entire online buying and selling process for both private and corporate customers, with customers having the same experience with online or offline transactions.

One of them is full information about a product in e-commerce / online channels to make it easier for customers to find the details of a product, where they are typically obtained by in-store sellers in offline transactions. This is possible with the SAP Commerce Cloud, which has complete product information management functions.

In addition, it will help companies by integrating e-commerce with back office applications, customer satisfaction with the availability of the latest stock availability and price information, payment status, delivery process, which is transparently available and can be accessed by customers anytime, anywhere.

For corporate customers, functions are also available for processing collective orders, replenishment orders, and requests for quotations, including the approval process for requests for quotations from customers.

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In this day and age when personalization is important to customers, SAP Commerce Cloud solutions also offer the ability to optimize storefronts with artificial intelligence (AI) and use real-time data to dynamically respond to changing market signals based on segments or customer behavior to respond to every customer.

Instead of having to do the merchandising manually, brands can create more dynamic merchandising strategies that are more personalized to increase sales, conversion rates, and also optimize profits. This can apply to both private customers and corporate customers. Thanks to this AI-based integrated intelligence service, brands can have a different webstore appearance for each buyer.

In addition, with the latest technology, the SAP Commerce Cloud has an architecture that supports headless commerce, whereby the company’s storefront / webstore can use Spartacus technology to accelerate the development or deployment process.

In many cases, the majority of customer, consent, and product data is spread across multiple systems and applications, especially with the multitude of channels available today. This forces companies to manual labor, inefficiency, inconsistency and inaccurate information across the various value chains.

With the SAP Commerce Cloud solution integrated with the back office and several other applications such as payment service providers, logistics and other applications, it will help companies provide a single source of truth in the front line office area and can also provide a unified view of information .

Kusumo Martanto, CEO and co-founder of Blibli, added that in working with SAP, in addition to facilitating product innovation, Blibli is also looking at the opportunity to simplify the business integration process from marketing to commercial transactions to customer service.

Here we need a B2B platform that can create a shopping portal that helps simplify the complex authorization process in order to create a good customer experience.

Then the ability to interact effectively with customers directly. The B2B platform must be able to create web interactions quickly, personalize them according to customer needs and enable multi-channel as the storefront of choice. Then also the ability to simplify the business integration process from marketing, commercial transactions to customer service.

Here we need a B2B platform that can help create a shopping portal that makes complex authorization processes superfluous in order to create a good customer experience.

Serverless microservices that support the existence of Function as a Service (FaaS) also help Blibli to offer a seamless shopping experience. All the benefits of SAP Cloud Computing ultimately help Blibli achieve its mission of delivering the best shopping experience to keep customers happy, in line with its commitment to Customer Satisfaction First.

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