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Title: Best offline FPS game in small size
Link: Best Small Size Offline FPS Game

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Best offline FPS game in small size

Best offline FPS game in small size

In addition to soccer, games that are no less exciting and don’t get boring easily are FPS games, which stands for “First Person Shooter”, which translates into Indonesian as a first person shooter. This FPS genre game has games that really get our adrenaline pumping, because apart from taking a first-person perspective, FPS games usually have 3D images. If you’ve ever played FPS games on a smartphone screen, you’ll only see the guns or rifles, while the person’s character won’t be visible, and FPS games are definitely more about shooting – shoot at the target.

Of the many FPS games on the Google Playstore, especially for Android devices, and with a wide variety of sizes from the smallest to the largest to free and prepaid games, we should give it a try as gamers, but if you run into problems or issues that are anything but free wifi, take it easy and don’t get confused, be afraid of wasting internet data. In this article, as the administrator, I am going to give recommendations and solutions for you to choose a game that suits your needs, which is the best little offline FPS game.

1.LWP-LAN multiplayer

This FPS game was developed by Dazad with a game size of 60MB.

This one game is a very popular game for me personally because it has advantages over other FPS games, namely that it can be played in offline multiplayer. So if we want to play mabar or with friends, we don’t have to use the internet. For data, we just need a LAN or hotspot device on our smartphone.

2. Specialists group 2

This game was developed by ForgeGames with a game size of 156MB. A game that is superior like the LWP-LAN multiplayer game that can be played in offline multiplayer. With a size that is relatively small in my opinion and has graphics that are pretty stunning for a smartphone class game, this game is capable of making players feel like a real war.

3. Counterattack Modern Strike

This game developed by Galassia Studios has a very small size which is only 45MB, with the offline game mode this game can present good picture and sound effects, also a lot of mission and weapon levels, and of course the picture is 3d the game is right simple and simple, namely when moving forward it is automatically moved by the computer, so all we have to do is shoot the target and move from place to place to the protective wall to avoid enemy attacks.

4. Combat soldier

As a gamer, you have to try this FPS game, under 100MB in size, developed by varicombat, this game has pretty good picture quality and shot effect, the bomb is also like the original, this game can compete with the top FPS- Games over 1 GB in size. This game also has two game modes that can be played offline and online. The way to play is that we can move around freely to chase targets and shoot them down.

5. Sniper Mountain Shooting

This FPS game was developed by SKIPPY APPS PTY LTD with a very small game size which is 36MB. In this game we act as snipers in a mountainous environment and with the 3D picture mode the game makes the game more exciting and lively. A lot of missions and levels that are presented in the game, for the game we’re just looking for hidden targets that move here and there, so getting the right shot is also a bit difficult, this is where the challenge lies.

6. Sniper Commando Assassin 3D

This game developed by i6 Games is super small in size, around 27MB in size. In this game we behave like snipers or shooters with high skills.The interesting thing about this game is the deadly and terrible shot effect when it hits the head of the target, besides, this game can also increase our adrenaline with missions of different levels.

7.Yalg hair

This game from Rockville Games has 3 chapters and in each chapter there are many missions that we can play and complete to get medals, with the size of the game which is not that big, only 91MB, this game offers one too very clear picture and of course the picture to 3D, also the sound of gunshots is clear as in the original, in this game we can move freely to find the target and aim to find our target with the help of the map.

Remember, I tested the game recommendations from me above and the result is that you don’t have to worry about losing internet data as these games can actually be played offline.

So many articles from me on the best small size offline FPS game hopefully it will be useful to all of you.

Hence the best small size offline FPS game item

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