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Title: Best Naruto Game for Free and New
Link: Best Free & Newest Naruto Game

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Best Naruto Game for Free and New

For those of you who are anime lovers, of course you know the characters from one of the famous Japanese animes. Naruto is one of the ninja characters available in the Android game version in addition to the movie version. This Naruto-themed Android game is one of the games that is mainly about battle and adventure theme. Since the Naruto anime is already very well known, you can find many games with Naruto themes in the Android Playstore.

This is because many game application developers have created Naruto-themed Android games to attract gamers, especially those who were very fond of this anime before. From the nature of adventure games to war games, you can download and play them for free from the Android playstore. Below are some interesting testimonials of the best free and newest Naruto games you can play.

Best Naruto Game for Free and New

1. Ninja heroes

Ninja Heroes is a type of Naruto-themed Android game that has its own excitement for you. This Android game has a game genre where you have to defeat enemies with up to 100 jutsu moves as well as various ninja characters to be able to fight. There are at least 100 ninja characters that you can play in this Android game.

2. Ultimate fight: Ninja Dash

The next Naruto Android game that will be no less interesting to you is Ultimate Battle: Ninja Dash. You don’t have to make various payments to download it as it is available for free. In it you can only play the main character in the Naruto anime, but the whole fight still has its own excitement to play.

3. Shinobi heroes

The closest of the Naruto themed Android game that you can play is Shinobi Heroes, one of the Android games with a game mode where you will have to complete hundreds of interesting missions to defeat different types of enemies. With nice graphics, you can also use this Naruto android game to recruit other ninjas so that the missions in your game can be completed quickly.

4th Shinobi war

This battle themed game is one of the Naruto themed Android games that has a variety of interesting features that you can use to fight each other between ninja characters in Naruto. You have to fight to win this game by fighting to be the strongest with the biggest jutsu you have. Download it for free from the playstore and you will get its own excitement while playing.

These are some interesting pointers about Naruto-themed Android games that you can download and play. Hopefully it will come in handy as your interesting reference on this Naruto character Android game. On average, this Android game has an exciting story for you to play. Good luck playing this Android game and hopefully useful.

So the best free and newest Naruto toys

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