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Best Moba Games Android iOS 2021 - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

It won’t be endless when we talk about mobile games. Like mushrooms in the rainy season, this is the saying that is suitable to describe the current state of the playstore, which is full of new games with their own uniqueness and fun.

Almost every week both large and new game developers are marketing game products by releasing their latest games. And mobile gamers are also happy, because gaming wishes can be fulfilled. The game that is currently loved by Android and iOS gamers is a Moba game.

The game Moba, initially only popular on the PC, was able to hypnotize its pioneers on Android. In any case, if you enter Moba games on Google or the Playstore, there are many games of this type offered by search engines, which will surely confuse you which one to choose. To that end, the PlayGames id admin will contribute through a brief overview of the best Moba mobile game for Android iOS that is worth playing now.


The simplicity of the control mechanism in this game is that you can do anything just by tapping to do all the activities in this game. From moving, attacking, interacting with other players to using skills, you can do it all with just a tap of your finger. Don’t get confused by sharing existing features, all the features in this game are arranged very neatly.

This very convenient interface design makes it easy and convenient for players to perform various functions during the game. Not only that, the touch and reaction in this game also feel quick. This allows players to execute multiple commands in response to the various movements of each of their enemies in a short amount of time. This is very important in combat in any MOBA game because if you move too slowly, your hero character may be killed by a hero or crawl attack near you.

In addition to simple controls, you will also be spoiled with very appealing graphics quality. Everything in this game, from the hero’s appearance to the visual effects to the environment, looks very detailed. The dense trees in different sharp colors, the neatly arranged rocks in the main line of the battle, the light shining brightly on the tower, the faint light of a torch, everything looks so alive. While it’s just a mobile game, Vainglory doesn’t offer sloppy graphics quality.

In contrast to some mobile versions of MOBAs, which sometimes have poor graphics quality, Super Evil actually offers this graphics quality, which is in no way inferior to the graphics of the PC version of MOBA. In addition, the animation in Vainglory runs very smoothly. The movements of the heroes who attack are running until they unleash the various skills they have look so cool.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an online MOBA style multiplayer game that you can play on Android phones, the game style is very similar to Legend and Heroes of the Storm MOBA game for smartphones This is very exciting and it is today the most popular Android game that in a short time since its inception has won a place in the hearts of gamers in Indonesia and even around the world.

There are people who think the Mobile Legends game is a simple game, but I think differently because I have experienced playing with real players in ranked mode and felt the feeling of a game that is not easy but is fun.

If you have played MOBA games before then you will definitely be familiar with the play style because it is more or less the same, there are three lines where to fight, an assortment of different types of heroes, item builds and the presence of bosses in the outline (forest). You can start playing by creating a name that will be used when playing.

During the first first game you will play with bots, and accompanied by a short tutorial on how to control the hero character for about 2 minutes, I can guarantee you that you will win easily. After completing the practice play phase, you will be given instructions on how to purchase items, heroes, and equipment.

Mobile arena Garena

After Garena had previously given a teaser for the launch of “League of Legends Mobile” with the title Mobile Arena, Garena has finally officially released the game. This MOBA itself is quite popular worldwide and competes with Vainglory or Mobile Legends. But this game has a different name depending on the region.

You may also know this game under the name Penta Storm or Strike of Kings. In Indonesia, the license for this game is held by Garena Indonesia under the name Mobile Arena. This game itself was developed by Tencent, one of the developers and game publishers from China who, along with the developer himself, Riot Games, is one of the League of Legends license holders.

According to Garena, Mobile Arena itself should be played on smartphones with at least 1 gigabyte of RAM. For a smoother gaming experience, however, the author recommends using a smartphone with at least 2 gigabytes of RAM.

In this first release, there are already 20 heroes in the Mobile Arena game. The number of heroes is certainly not all, there will be a few other heroes who will be released into the Mobile Arena to follow. To illustrate, Strike of Kings itself currently contains 27 heroes.

You can download Mobile Arena yourself from the Google Play Store. Don’t forget to prepare your contingent first. The download size of Mobile Arena in the Play Store itself is 300 megabytes. Even so, you don’t have to worry about re-downloading data after entering the game, because the 300 megabytes are already a complete package without having to download again.

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