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Best MMORPG Games for PC / Laptop Potatoes 2021 - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Playing games is a fun activity for most people. Besides being fun, the hobby of playing PC online games, for example, can make people less stressful.

The best lightweight MMORPG game for PC / laptop 2021
The best lightweight MMORPG game for PC / laptop 2021

However, if we look at today, mmorpg game development is indeed quite advanced. The birth of new games that offer unique features or gameplay and stunning graphics has become a selling point for PC / smartphone gamers.

Good game graphics are of course directly proportional to size and certainly require adequate PC specifications as well. This is the current obstacle for gamers who want to play good mmorpg games but are hindered by poor PC specs.

Best MMORPG game with low PC / Potato specs

But don’t be discouraged, for those of you who want to play high quality MMORPG games with good graphics and rich features and non-boring gameplay, but which don’t require an upgrade of your PC / laptop. The PLAygames-id admin has recommendations for suitable games.

When it comes to graphics, there is no doubt with the following features: open world This is very broad, it can explore dungeons together with Mabar friends to hunt for equipment, or even raid bosses together to get legendary weapons or armor.

PVP is a standout feature in this MMORPG game, you can fight 40 versus 40 people on the battlefield.

For those of you who duel Holics, you can climb the leader to show who is the best in the PVP arena.

World of Warcraft private server Indonesia

The game I mean is the game from the best developer right now, World Of Warcraft. This game was originally produced by Blizzard, an old school game that still survives and is not affected by the new games currently available.

Best World of Warcraft WoTLK Indonesia Private Servers 2021

For those interested in playing this game, you’ll have to pay around 700,000 for each expansion, plus a monthly subscription fee of around 200,000.

Well it’s pretty expensive, but here I offer a game BONUS what is worth the price.

Don’t you want to spend any money? Okay, the administrator has a solution for those of you who want to give the game a try MMORPG The best way without taking a dime out of your wallet is to play World of Warcraft Private Server with the solution.

There are so many free wow game lovers out there that there are many private wow servers offering their respective features. To the extent that a fan base or player reaches tens to hundreds of thousands.

But most of the Wow private servers are outside of Indonesia, so RING it has to be big which makes you less comfortable when playing because it often lags.

Best Indonesian WoW Private Servers Smanses 2021

Well because and that’s why the Indonesian WoW Private Server was born, SMANSES WOW Private Server currently working on an expansion or wow version of Wrath of The Lich King, the best expansion to the World of Warcraft game ever (personal opinion) .

Why choose SMANSES Private Server?
1. Born out of the desire of the game lover community of World of Warcraft Indonesia.
2. Managers and GMs who are approachable and understand the player, but are firm and unbiased.
3. The game core is very fluid and has minimal bugs (if a bug is found, it will be fixed immediately)
4. No profit as all equipment in the game can be obtained.

smanses private server
Battlefield work

RDF stream

Wintergrasp works

Steps to be able to play on the private server of wow smanses:

1. Download the Wow client for the Wrath of The Lich King extension (3.3.5a).

Please select one of the download links below;

Direct downloads

  • Mega client from eternal WoW
  • Direct – customer of OmegaWoW
  • – TwinStar client
  • Direct – Client of Paragon servers (French)


  • Client from Warmane (WoD Models) – LINK
  • Warmane customer (original models) – LINK
  • TrueWoW client – LINK
  • Client from Dalaran WoW – LINK
  • Client from Heroes of WoW (Spanish) – LINK

2. Register Smanses account

While you are waiting for the download to finish, please register an account on the smanses web, which you can use to log into the in-game.

3. Change realm list

After you downloaded the game client folks can not can access the smanses server directly because you have to change the server settings first

Relax, the method is very simple, just follow the tutorial steps below;

What is
This is a file that instructs the game client to log into the server. Simply put, it tells the game where and on which server the game is connecting.

Where is the file located?
You can find this Lich King Extension Wow Wrath file in X: World of Warcraft Data enGB
X = is the drive that the Wow game is on.

How do I open a .wtf file?
Use standard Windows Notepad or other text editor applications. This is what it looks like when you open the file

Reallist set “fill with realmlist from smanses “example
Set patch list
set reallistbn “”
Portal set “eu”

Based on Reallist smanses always changing, so you should always go to the website to see it Imperial List latest.

4. Ready to play!

The account has been created and the realm list has been changed, you just need to log in directly to play in the game and have adventures, have fun playing .. !!

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