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The Best Build and Spell for Mathilda 2021 Recommendation

Mathilda's best 2021 build and spell recommendation with the strongest item of tank-flavored mage. One of the strongest heroes in the Land of Down for now is Mathilda. Mathilda herself is a Support hero who fills the Support Tank role with the most unusual and most used skills in rank for now.

The Best Build and Spell for Mathilda

This hero, who has been banned many times since Mobile Legends was first opened, is very famous for having annoying skills and is played by pro-player Mobile Legends, RRQ Vyn. In the M2 performance event, Mathilda managed to steal the lord by using the other skill.

But even so, Mathilda is very vulnerable to marksman heroes who have the effect or skill damage per second from their basic attacks such as Hanabi, Miya and Layla in the late game phase and heroes with large burst damage such as Harley and Kagura .

Best Build for Mathilda 2021

Demon Shoes

Which shoes are shoes that are very suitable for heroes who like to spam skills. In addition to providing a +6 mana regen effect, each assist obtained will restore 10% mana. Every time you eliminate a minion, you will get 4% mana regen

Ice Queen Wand

Besides being used as a substitute for magical lifesteal effects, this item is often used to give a slow effect to the opponent. The affected opponent will get a slow effect of 15% which can be stacked 2 times and lasts for 3 seconds.

Neacklace of Durance

Items that can sometimes make party friends angry are indeed often forgotten by mage support players. Not without reason, the effect given by NoD is that good. This item will reduce the opponent's regen effect by 50% and cooldown in just 3 seconds.

Glowing Wand

The most anticipated ability when using Glowing Wand is the Burn effect on the target which continuously burns the target for 3 seconds and deals damage of 1% of the target's maximum HP per second. This item also provides additional movement speed so that your mobility is smoother.


As the name suggests, this item will make you immortal. Eh but that's not the effect, this item will make a dead hero come back to life with a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage according to the hero's level. Even better, immortal sometimes makes the enemy reluctant to kill us because we still have a spare life.

Queen's Swings

Items that can be called as anti-assasin defend items are indeed very worth it to use. When the blood you have is below 40%, the damage received will be reduced by 40% as well. Assassins who rely on skills will have a hard time killing you this way!

Mathilda's  Best Spell and Emblem 2021

Spells and emblems are also very influential on the gameplay you play. Especially during the early game because you will get bonus skills and power when using certain spells or emblems.

Good spells and emblems will help Mathilda's mobility, especially in terms of farming and rioting in the opponent's jungle.

Mathilda's Spell

Needless to say, the battle spell that is suitable for Mathilda as one of the heroes in the mid lane is Purify . You can use the Purify battle spell if the enemy has some crowd control effects so you can cancel it. This effect is very suitable for Mathilda to use as a form of agile hero that is difficult to catch.

You can also use the Aegis spell right when the enemy doesn't have many side heroes or crowd control.

Mathilda Emblem

There are actually two emblems that are suitable for Mathilda to use as a hero mage in the mid lane, namely the Support emblem with the Focusing Mark battle effect (combined with Agility + Recovery). The attacked enemy will be given a sign, if you continue to attack the hero, the damage given will increase.

Mathilda Skills

Passive Skill (Ancentral Guidance): Mathilda will gain the Ancentral Guidance ability when she continues to move. This ability can be stacked and kept full so as to provide magic damage and additional movement speed.

First Skill (Power of Ancestors): Mathilda summons the power of the stars that surround her and can stack up to four. The longer it accumulates, the more painful the damage is given.

Second Skill (Wind Force): Mathilda jumps in the specified direction. Provides additional shield and movement speed effect. There is a Wind Force ability that can be used by teammates to fly towards Mathilda.

Ultimate Skill (Lightness): Mathilda will mark the opponent, fly into the sky, spin and crash towards the opponent. The target opponent will be hit by a knockback. Mathilda imum while in the sky.

Heroes to Counter Mathilda

For counter Mathilda is actually not far from a mage or marksman who has crowd control, burst and DPS effects. In this article I have recommended various heroes that are very suitable to be used to counter Mathilda.

Actually, to counter Mathilda it only takes a hero who has side effects or crowd control and DPS. The crowd control effect will make Mathilda more difficult to move and difficult to use her ultimate and escape from the opponent. And a DPS attack will kill Mathilda before doing anything.

There are many dangerous heroes for Mathilda such as Eudora, Layla, Miya, Hanabi, Kagura and many more. Even so, choose Mathilda in the early session to secure her position because after all now Mathilda is an overpowered hero.

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