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Berserker's Rage, Item with Most Critical Damage - Mobile Legends Item Tutorial

Berserker’s rage is one of the elements in Mobile legends. Berskerker’s Fury is an attack item, so this item is usually used by physical heroes such as snipers, fighters, and assassins.

Berserke’s Fury is an item that gives extra critical damage the greatest in Mobile Legends. Usually this item is used by archer and combat heroes who rely on critical damage.

Tutorial item Berserkes Fury Mobile Legends

In this article, Cecepkocep will discuss the subject of Berserker’s Fury in more detail. We’ll also discuss what Berserker’s Fury supporting items are and which heroes are suitable for them. Let’s take a look at the following discussion.

Before we go any further about Berserker’s Fury, let me first explain what Critical Chance and Critical Damage are.

Critical damage is damage whose value is twice or more than normal damage. However, this critical damage doesn’t come out with every attack, only in a certain amount of time will critical damage come out, and usually it will only come out with simple attacks, not abilities.

Critical chance is Critical Damage Potential. For example, if you have a 50% critical chance status, then you make 10 normal attacks, then your 5 normal attacks deal critical damage. So the greater the critical chance, the greater your critical damage will be.

Base status

Berserker's Fury Item Mobile Legends

+65 physical attack: Berserker’s Fury’s physical attack is quite large, so adding this status will help your damage.

+ 25% critical chance: With an additional high critical chance, your critical damage will come out many times. This way, the damage you do to the enemy will be higher than usual.


The first passive of Berseker’s Fury item is to deal + 40% critical damage. With this passive, the critical damage you deal is increased by 40% of the usual critical damage.

You need to know that the critical damage value is definitely high. With passive berserk anger, the critical damage you cause becomes even higher.

Another passive ability of the item “Berserker’s Fury” is to grant an additional + 5% physical attack. Every time there is a critical hit, the next physical attack increases your physical attack by 5% for 2 seconds. This surge isn’t that high so take it as a bonus. Because only with the first passive did Berserker’s Fury help you to increase the critical damage in order to be bigger.

Berserker’s Rage and Scarlet Phantom

Berserker's Fury and Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends
Berserker’s Rage and Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom also offers an additional high critical chance. The higher the critical chance, the more critical hits will occur.

Scarlet Phantom’s passive itself is to increase its attack speed by 30% for 2 seconds on a critical hit. So when you get a critical hit, you get an extra 50% attack speed (20% of base status and 30% of passive).

Berserker’s anger and windspeaker

Berserker's Fury and Windtalker Mobile Legends
Berserker’s anger and windspeaker

Windtalker’s own passive is every 3.5 seconds, a normal attack that hits 3 enemy units for 100 magical damage. The cooldown of this passive ability decreases as the critical chance increases.

Berseker’s Fury itself offers an additional high critical chance status, so passive Windtalker items will appear more frequently.

Berserker’s Rage and Golden Staff

Berserker's Fury and Golden Staff Mobile Legends
Berserker’s Rage and Golden Staff

It’s not really that bad, but buying items from Berserker’s Rage and Golden Rod will make them less effective. So Berkserker’s Fury is not the right game for the Golden Rod. Golden is great in combination with the demon hunter sword.

The passive golden stick itself will set your critical chance to zero. Because all the critical chances you have are converted into attack speed. Berserker’s Fury increases critical chance by 25%. Now when you combine it with the Golden Staff, this critical chance will be changed to 25% attack speed.

25% critical chance -> 25% attack speed

Berserker’s tick counter

In fact, we can counter or combat critical damage by buying thick armor and HP. However, there are 2 items that make the critical damage of the Berserker’s Fury item less effective.

Dominance ice

Dominance Ice Mobile Legends
Dominance Ice Mobile Legends

The Dominance Ice item offers a very large amount of additional armor, the second largest after Blade Armor. In addition to this, this item also reduces critical damage by 10%.

Berserker’s Fury gives an additional 25% critical chance. Buying the Domination Ice item will only reduce Berserker’s Fury’s critical chance by 10 to 15%.

Twilight armor

Twilight Armor Mobile Legends
Twilight Armor Mobile Legends

We can also use Twilight Armor to reduce the opponent’s critical damage. The passive reason for this item is to limit the damage taken to no more than 900. Critical damage deals great damage and reaches 1000 more damage. With Twilight Armor, damage will now not exceed 900. But this passive ability has a 4 second cooldown.


Tigreal is a really effective tanker that reduces critical damage thanks to its passive. The critical damage it dips can get as high as 60%, and that’s very high folks. But unfortunately Tigreal does not fit into the current META.

For whom is it suitable?

Lesley Cheergunner Mobile Legends
Lesley Cheergunner Mobile Legends

Almost all archers are qualified for the use of Berserker’s Fury items. However, the heroes who fit this item are Sagittarius who rely heavily on critical, for example, Lesley, Irithel, Clint, Moskov, and Hanabi.

Some fighters are also suitable for using Berserker’s Fury, such as: B. Zilong, Alucard and Sun. Essentially for heroes who rely on basic attacks, Berserker’s Fury is very well suited. Assassins like Helcurt and Natalia are very good at using this item.

When was it bought?

You can buy Berseker’s Fury after purchasing shoes and lifesteal items. Lifesteal items really help you survive more while playing. So you can save Berserker’s Fury in the third slot.

This time, this is the discussion on the subject of Berserker’s Fury. Keep visiting Cecepkocep’s blog for more information on Mobile Legends. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

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