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Belerick Mobile Legends will become an anti-rifle tank in the next update!

Android31Belerick Mobile Legends is one of the tankers who has pretty high health in Mobile Legends game, this hero has become less popular since Gatot Kaca was overhauled and became an overpowering (OP) hero.

With that in mind, Moonton will update this hero to make it more useful, and many players are using this hero to help balance the game. This update is likely to bring changes or additional capabilities for Belerick.

In the next update, Moonton will increase Belerick’s health ability even further, and this ability naturally makes Belerick more flexible to become a tank driver for other heroes. The supplement will likely use an item that increases Belerick’s health by 50%. Hopefully this update won’t be accompanied by excessive nerf.

The good news is that Belerick is becoming an anti-shooter tanker because when Belerick receives a counter he will return the counter according to his maximum HP in the range of 100-170 and add 2% every second. For example, Belerick has 10,000 Max HP + 2%, then 200 + 170 = 370 damage that can be returned to enemy heroes. This makes it easy, if Belerick meets Claude who is using the Demon Hunter Sword, Belerick will easily kill that hero, let alone Belerick using other skills.

In conclusion, Belerick will become an anti-marksman tanker as the average sniper hero uses attack speed when attacking, with added health and crowd control effects that make Belerick resilient.

What do you think of the update that Moonton gave to Belerick, write in the comment column.

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