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Title: Battle Ram presence in Clash of Clans and Clashiversary update leaks
Link: Battle Ram presentation in Clash of Clans and Clashiversary update leaks

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Battle Ram presence in Clash of Clans and Clashiversary update leaks

Clashversary update

5 years have passed since Clash of Clans was first released.

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Clash of Clans hosted various interesting events, namely 1 Gem Boost for collectors and Battle Ram for training. This event has been running since (2/8).

Clash of Clans event tabs

In addition to existing events, there are various innovations such as obstacles especially for this event Special (birthday cake), Cashiverary Pack available for purchase (Gold 2.5 million + Elixir 2.5 million = IDR 75,000), etc.

Battle Ram is a troop that can be described as a combination of 4 barbarians carrying a block of wood. These troops come from one of the Supercell games, Clash Royale.

Battle Ram itself, if lowered, will instantly run and hit the intended target. When the target is hit, the block of wood carried breaks and splits into 4 barbarians.

Of course, there are some differences between Battle Ram (Clash of Clans) and Battle Ram (Clash Royale).

First, it’s definitely a different status. Please see the two pictures below to see the difference.

Battle Ram - Clash of ClansBattle Ram - Clash Royale

Judging by the above status, the damage done by Battle Ram is arguably more powerful than the damage done by PEKKA level 3, which is only 310 damage. However, this damage can only be caused 1 time, as the Battle Ram then breaks into 4 barbarians.

Second, the number of barbarians. In Clash of Clans there are 4 barbarians who appear after the Battle Ram explodes, while in Clash Royale there are only 2 barbarians.


A temporary troop event like this took place once at Christmas. Troops that can be trained at this time are ice wizards. Similar to Battle Ram, these troops come from Clash Royale cards.

NOTE: Battle Ram can only be trained while this event is running. You can’t train it anymore after the event is over.

In addition to Battle Ram, there will be various new things that are unique to this event.

Clashversary image leak

After the Battle Ram event is over, there will be multiple events for Witch, Giant, and Wizard.

Mini curse event

Big surprise and boom in a boxing event

Just like a special event for Barbarian, there will be special things for the three troops listed above.

In the Mini Curse (Witch) event, you can build a shrink trap.

Shrink trap

As the name suggests, Shrink Trap will make the size of all troops smaller. This of course reduces damage, HP, and movement speed.

For the Giant Surprise (Giant) event, based on the explanation from the picture above, I think you will be able to build a defensive building that will emerge a giant that will attack enemy troops if your village is attacked will.

In the meantime, you can build a defense trap for the Boom in a Box (Wizard) event, Birthday Boom.

Lastly, probably special for the builder, your construction hut can be upgraded to a higher level.

Construction hut upgrade

When upgrading to a higher level, your builders can work together to create build or upgrade other buildings. So if you have 5 builders, you can use all 5 builders to upgrade 1 building. This of course speeds up the upgrade.

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