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Argus Pain Build 2021: Recommended Rework Emblem Items – Argus build recommendation hurts 2021 with the strongest item after the revision. Guaranteed auto lifesteal!

Mobile Legends is still the most popular MOBA game in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, until 2021. Featuring the 5v5 teamfight genre, this game features intense action-action that is very difficult to leave.

In this game you can choose any role you want. If you have the soul of a leader, tanks are your best bet. If you are an initiator, Fighter and Magician is the best answer. If you’re an executor, assassins and snipers are the right choices. But if you want to stay behind, support is who you really are.

Finding Mabar friends is of course not difficult. Wherever you are, you can find people playing Mobile Legends games. It’s not difficult to find Mabar friends, just not a newbie, you can join mabar in any squad.

There is one important note, however. To be a pro, you shouldn’t be a burden on the team. You still have to master all of the roles available in Mobile Legends, namely tanks, fighters, assassins, mages, snipers and supporters.

Build Argus Sick 2021

Build Argus Sick 2021

One of the strongest heroes in the Land of Down right now is Argus. Argus himself is a Marksman hero who has just been redesigned and is currently the most widely used in rank.

This hero, who has existed since Mobile Legends opened, is very famous as it has critical and very painful damage, so the dominance during the war is very high. But even so, Argus is very susceptible to tank heroes, mages and assassins who have crowd control and damage effects or abilities.

Warrior boots

Warrior boots

This shoe increases physical defense for each basic attack received by 5 for 25 seconds, capped at 25 for 3 seconds. You also get an extra 22 physical defense. And of course, you also get an extra +40 movement speed to make your movements smoother.

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Demon hunter sword

Demon hunter sword

If the mage has a genius wand to lower the armor, the physical hero has a DHS or demon hunter sword. As the name suggests, this item has a unique ability to reduce the opponent’s physical defense. In addition, you get extra attack speed and each basic attack deals 9% physical damage to the opponent from the remaining HP.

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Wind announcer

Wind announcer

This is Mimin’s favorite item, Windtalker not only offers attack speed but also movement speed as well as critical damage you know! In addition, this item does not only physical but also magical damage when the basic attack hits 3 different enemies.

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Haas’ claws

Haas' claws

This life steal item must be used by sniper heroes who have a free play style. In addition to being sick, this item grants a 20% life stealing effect so your blood can be replenished. If your blood is below 40%, the Lifestea effect is even stronger and increases by 10%.

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Berseker’s anger

Berseker's anger

This item, touted as a critical item, has quite a few critical abilities that deal 40% critical damage. This item not only provides a 20% critical chance but also adds 5% physical attack for 2 seconds.

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Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair

The lower the opponent’s blood, the more painful the damage this item will cause. This item grants 160 physical attacks with an additional 5% movement speed. When your opponent dies, the damage done increases by 25%, which lasts for 2 seconds.

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Argus Pain Charm and Emblem 2021

Spells and emblems also have a huge impact on the gameplay you play. Especially during the early game as you gain bonus skills and power by using certain spells or emblems.

Good spells and emblems help Argus’ mobility, especially when it comes to farming and rioting in the opponent’s jungle.

Spell Argus

You don’t have to ask again, the battle spell suitable for Argus as one of the heroes in Gold Alley is flicker. This combat spell gives Argus the ability to instantly switch places. This works very well in combination with the ultimate Argus, be it to run away, chase opponents or secretly take part in team fights.

Argus emblem

There are actually two emblems Argus can use as a sniper hero in Gold Alley, namely the Assassin Emblem with combat effects Rampage (in combination with Agility + Fatality) and a sniper emblem with combat effects Weakness finder (which is combined with Fatal + Doom).

You are free to choose an emblem according to your opponent’s condition if the admin still prefers Killing Spree as this emblem increases blood by 15% of HP if he manages to kill his opponent. This emblem is very useful for continuing to participate in team fights while replenishing lost HP due to enemy damage.

Argus Ability 2021

  • Passive Ability (Warmonger): Every time Argus hits his target, his movement speed increases by 5%. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times and lasts 4 seconds. After 5 stacks are full, Argus summons Moonlight Shadow, which helps him hit enemies freely.
  • First ability (Demonic Grip): Argus splits his shot into 2 arrows. This arrow grants additional attack speed and physical attack.
  • Second ability (Meteoric Sword): Argus conjures lunar eclipse and hits the ground, causing a stunning effect for the people hit. After that, the enemy is affected by a slowing effect for 2 seconds.
  • Ultimate Ability (Eternal Evil): Argus removes all debuff effects and goes into Disappearance mode. Increases movement speed for 3.5 seconds and gains a full stack of the passive skill from Moon Blessing.

Counter Argus 2021

For the counterattack, Argus is actually not far from a mage or assassin who has a crowd control effect. In this article, I’ve recommended various heroes that are very well suited to be used against Argus.

All it takes to counter Argus is a hero who has side effects or crowd control and burst damage. The crowd control effect makes it harder to move Argus and use the ultimate and escape the enemy. And burst attacks will kill Argus before he does anything.

There are many dangerous heroes for Argus like Eudora, Kagura, Hayabusa, Ling, Lancelot, Fanny and many more. So, in the final session, choose Argus to avoid heroes with crowd control and explosion damage.

The last word

So the article about the 2021 Argus build, which is suitable for use as a fighter in Goldgasse. In addition to its basic sick attack, this build also helps Argus get a full Lifesteal effect, especially when the ultimate is used, you know!

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