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Archery Skill Tree Skill - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

This skill tree focuses on your archery / archery skills, ranged weapons, and ranged combat skills. The archery / archery skill tree has 6 branches each and of course with their respective specialties.

Reinforced range attack arm

all skills in this branch are learned automatically by your character as long as the required level is reached.

This branch increases normal ranged attacks and critical attacks.

Long range tactics branch

allows you to learn wild shot tactics and positioning tactics. Wild Shot Tactics will teach you how to open fire on your enemies.

Positioning tactics will teach you how to keep a safe distance between you and your target.

Branch of long-range weapons specialization

allows you to specialize in 3 types of ranged weapons.

  • Fling Mastery that increases your% Fling Damage Attack. Please note that this only applies if your character is carrying a TYPE SLING weapon.
  • Bow mastery that increases your bow attack accuracy% and / or defense penetration%. Please note that this only applies if your character is equipped with a weapon / tool of the BOW type.
  • Crossbow mastery, which increases the aiming speed of the crossbow in% and / or the feint rating in%. Please note that this only applies if your character is equipped with a weapon / tool of the CROSSBOW type.

Archery Action Branch

allows you to specialize in bow / crossbow weapon skills. A well-focused shot that can deal extra damage, critical hits, and the ability to increase speed.

Rapid Fire offers area attack (AoE) that can later do more damage, increase accuracy and reduce stamina consumption when using skills.

Sling action branch

allows you to specialize in sling weapon skills. Pitching is the art of throwing a slingshot to attack a target. You can further increase the pitching damage and attack speed.

Advanced long range tactics branch

Here you can learn point blank tactics that will allow your characters to bait targets while on the attack, making them weak against counterattacks. You can also learn sniper tactics that can increase critical strike chance, accuracy, and damage.

Skill tree Skill leveling

You can level up this skill tree by engaging in combat and performing various attacks / skills, including the various active skills in archery mentioned above.


  • Archery / archery skill tree is a ranged combat skill. You don’t have to worry about defenses as your target will die before they even get close to the character.
  • Distance is the first aspect of mastering ranged combat skills. The further away your target is, the more attacks you can launch before your target gets any closer.
  • Archery focuses more on causing damage. If you are joining a hunting party and planning to hunt down a heavy target like a T-Rex, it is best to take the very back position.
  • Master the hit and run attack technique.
  • Kiting is a tactic that involves keeping your distance from the target and doing damage at the same time.
  • Great if you want to learn the skills of the engineer / weapon manufacturing skill tree. This gives you the opportunity to start making arcs from level 6.

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