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Apex Legends successfully recorded 50 million players in its first month

Record time release on February 4th, Apex Legends beat Fortnite in player count.

As of March 4th, Apex Legends is 1 month old, Apex Legends has managed to have 50 million players according to Vince Zampella’s post. When you think about it, it really doesn’t make any sense. Within a week some of us didn’t know about this game, but Apex Legends feels like an old game that popped up in the world of this game.
From the start of this game’s first debut, it had 2.5 million players on the first day of its release. It’s surprising how early the launch got so much attention. Within 72 hours that result grew to 10 million players. A record high was set at the age of 1 week, with more than 25 million players trapped on Apex Legends Island.

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Analyst Daniel Ahmad made a match between Apex Legends and Fortnites to measure the number of players. In a record, Fortnite hit a record 10 million players in two weeks and hit 50 million players in about 16 weeks.

This battle royales game is still very popular and originated from Fortnite which launched its battle royale mode.

Apex Legends colors the life of the Battle Royale game world for today’s circles.

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