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Apex Legends Loot Guide

Apex Legends Loot Guide

Equipping yourself with the best loot gear is the main core of the Apex Legends game.

The King’s Canyon map in the Apex Legends game is not as extensive as other Battle Royale maps. However, loot will still be available to players with very useful items. You and your team must be a team that can survive in this fighting game. You need to prepare yourself on the battlefield with all the equipment, which is pretty good, before entering the battlefield.

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StickAir will discuss a little bit about loot in Apex Legends

Location of the storage container

There are 2 ways to get loot in Apex Legends.

• Scattered around the floor of the Apex Legends map

Some loot is scattered and lies on the ground, for example in a building or in a certain location. You will find plenty of loot there, ranging from good grades to lower grades.

• Open the storage container

The storage container is shaped like a white chest. Reservoirs are also scattered around the Apex Legends map.

The contents in the storage bin are usually random, with 3 types of loot for the storage bin, namely weapons & armor, attachments and also medical kits.

There are several locations that the Reservoir can be found in the Apex Legends map. The X in the image below is the location of Supply BIn in Apex Legends.

Hot zone

You can check the hot zone at the beginning of the game if you want to make a landing. At the beginning of the game there is a location that is given a blue circle. The place in the blue circle is called the hot zone. Hot Zone is a place where you can get very good loot at the beginning of the game.

Not only that, you’ll find rare legendary weapons in this Hot Zone location. This legendary weapon was also equipped with complete attachments. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can get the legendary weapon at the beginning of the game.

Booty ticks

Aside from the reservoir, there are other ways to get loot for Apex Legends. A small robot with a triangular pyramid shape and legs that you can use to search for other prey.

Loot ticks are not easy to find, it will serve as a hiding place somewhere. But the loot given by loot ticks is categorized as good loot and can give you high-ranking loot.

Loot ticks are distinguished from the light that shines from it. If you can find loot ticks with purple light, the loot it carries is epic. (Discussed in the Loot Ticks article for more details)

As you get items from your loot ticks, just shoot this robot.

Supply ship

In addition, Apex Legends has a supply ship function. Whereby this supply ship is a large ship shaped like a cargo ship that flies into the sky.

This supply ship also brings a number of loot for players to take with them at the start of this game.

You can also check the location of this supply ship on the map at the start of the game if you want to make a landing. This place is also very popular, there may be a shootout at the beginning of the game if you choose a location there.

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