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Apex Legends Guide armor type

Apex Legends Guide armor type

Like weapons in Apex Legends, armor in Apex Legends has more than one type.

In the battle royale game, not only are weapons needed, but protection or armor is also very necessary.

Apex Legends offers loot items at random and in large quantities on each map. Ranging from weapons, armor, attachments, ammunition to medical kits for all players who play in the map.

StickAir will be discussing the armor included in this Apex Legends game. There are different types of armor in Apex Legends, which consist of a helmet, body shield, knockdown shield and also backpack.

Each armor has a tier that is marked with the same color as the weapons in Apex Legends. White, blue, purple and finally gold.

White mean
Blue Rare
Purple epic
Gold legend


Helmet is head protection. Helmet has the function of reducing the damage taken when the enemy hits our head. The higher the level, the more damage is reduced.

Common (white) Reduces damage taken by 10%.

Rare (blue) Reduces damage taken by 20%.

Epic (Purple) Reduces damage taken by 25%.

Legendary (gold) Reduces damage taken by 25%; and increase the loading speed of tactical and ultimate skills.

Body shield

Body Shield is body armor. Body shields provide shields to players throughout the game. The shield bar appears above the health bar when you are wearing a body shield. This body shield determines how many shield bars are received. The higher the level used, the more effective you will get.

Common (white) Get a shield capacity of 50.

Rare (blue) Obtained a shield capacity of 75.

Epic (Purple) Get a shield capacity of 100.

Legendary (gold) Get a shield capacity of 100.

, and fully charges shields after successfully killing downed enemies.

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Knockdown shields

Knockdown shields are a type of armor that can only be found in Apex Legends, these knockdown shields are used to protect you from enemies who want to kill you when you are in knock-down status and on the help of yours Friends are waiting.

Common (white) Get a 100 Health Knockdown Shield.

Rare (blue) Get a 250 Health Knockdown Shield.

Epic (Purple) Get a 750 Health Knockdown Shield.

Legendary (gold) Earn a 750 Health Knockdown Shield that can revive 1 time when knocked down.


Backpack is an inventory bag that works the same way as other Battle Royale games. Backpacks are also the most recommended thing to add to your inventory space.

Common (white) Get an additional inventory space of 2.

Rare (blue) Obtained additional inventory slots of 4.

Epic (Purple) Get an additional 6 inventory slot.

Legendary (gold) Get 6 additional inventory slots, the time used to heal items and shields is used up.

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