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Apex Legends Appendix List and Specification Guide

Apex Legends Appendix List and Specification Guide

Attachments are very useful as an additional addition to weapons.

In a game with a battle royale genre like Apex Legends, weapons are the most important and most important item for any gamer. The weapon you use will determine the course of your game and determine victory in your battle.

With weapons, you will also need an attachment that acts as an extra tool that attaches to the weapon you are using. These attachments increase the performance of your weapons in your warfare on the battlefield. The attachments in this Apex Legends game are quite a few and have several levels that differ by color.

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Attachment-level behavior starts with white, blue, purple, and gold. Where white is not as good as gold.

StickAir will review information about attachments in Apex Legends.

Optical attachment (sight & rifle scope)

This attachment is useful to help you target your opponent at close range or from a distance. Each of these optical attachments has its own effect and gives different capabilities depending on the color level.

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Hop-up attachment

So far, the Hop Up Attachment is only available in the Apex Legends game, which only functions as a modifier of certain weapons. This attachment is not intended for all weapons in this game, each hop-up attachment is designed for one weapon that can be used.

Storage accessories

Stock Attachment has the function of reducing the time in which the weapon is removed from the holster. This attachment is very useful when you are at war and the first weapon is out of bullets, so you need to replace your secondary weapon, this attachment is very necessary for that.

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