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Android games that can drain your brain

Android games that can drain your brain – For those of you who just play games for your pleasure, be sure to try the following games on Android that are not only great for fun but can drain your entire brain as well. Due to the system and style of play, it is sometimes a little complicated instead of just spending time playing and having fun.

It is also good if you try to play the games I have summarized below and see if these games can really drain your brain and make you dizzy. episode Android games that can drain the brain’s contents :

Android games that can drain your brain

1. Limbo Adventure

Limbo adventure game

The first is the limbo game, in this limbo game you really need full concentration to stay safe and conquer every obstacle that exists in this limbo adventure game. This game is also known as a puzzle game. And for those of you who want to feel the feeling of an angry brain, you can try this one game because according to reviews from people who have played the Limbo Adventure game, they agree that this game really makes the brain angry .

2. Mind games

Memory games

This game is for those of you who just like to be lazy and haven’t sharpened your brain in a long time by playing this mind game. You face 16 exciting challenges and can make the brain think drastically. In this game, your brain is trained in its ability to calculate, remember, logic and also observe. So you can be sure, when you use and play these mind games, your brain will definitely be watery again after a long sleep because you are lazy to think.

3. Brain points

Brain dots game

The third is Brainly Dot, which is not inferior to Brain Games. This brain dot game can also sharpen your brain to be even sharper. In the game in Brain Dot you have to form a line and collide 2 balls of blue and pink colors. When you hear how to play this game you might be slightly underestimating it, but it is different if you are already feeling the feeling while playing this Brain Dot game because in the phases or levels in the next game it is sure to that this game it can drain your entire brain. Have an inflexible brain thinking.

4. Touch Blue

tap blue

If you hear the name of this game it might be easy to underestimate it since you are just tapping the blue color. However, it turns out that while playing this game, you always have to be careful with eyes that are always staring at the blue colors that flash on your smartphone screen. This Android Tap Blue game takes quite a bit of time, emotions, as well as your brain and eyes to always be attentive to see the blue colors that go by because if you press the wrong color it means you Press white on your smartphone screen and your game will end immediately, even though you have passed a very high level.

In this game there are 3 categories that you can play, which are Classic, Arcade and Zen. Each category has different sensations and challenges.

And the Android games that can drain the brain’s contentsHopefully this article can provide references and insights. And don’t forget to play the games above to sharpen your brain.

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