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Adventure in an apocalyptic world in LifeAfter Games

Adventure in an apocalyptic world in LifeAfter Games

NetEase Games has released a game called Life after, Genre Survival and is the English version of The Day After Tomorrow game.
Gameplay This game tells the story of a life in which the world was attacked by a virus. The world became so chaotic that even the weather became abnormal. Players must survive in this state. The most interesting thing about this game is the attack of the zombies.

The players will live the way they live in the game world, with real simulations. Where players need to look for natural resources for their daily needs. For example mining, chopping wood, harvesting plants that appear in the game, even looking for items that are important for everyday life.

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In this game, weapons are required to survive against attacks from zombies. There are several types of weapons available in this game to help you, such as: B. Compound Bow, Bazooka Ammo and Mini Gun. You will be tasked with making weapons for your survival. Not only that, you also need to build your house, base or high place as well as traps to avoid attack from zombies, monsters or even other players attacking you.

As mentioned earlier, you need to avoid attacks from other players, this game has multiplayer features. You can play with your friends to build houses, attack enemies or maybe explore the game world.

This survival battle game was expected by a lot of people, did you play it or not?

Please download the game directly from here

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