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About Lord and Turtle in Mobile Legends

For beginners, it is common for hosts to say “ally / enemy killed the turtle” or “ally / enemy killed the lord”. The GM even went to the trouble of announcing this because Kill Lord or Turtle had great advantages for the team.

When a team member kills a lord, the lord helps the team destroy the enemy base. And indeed, for example, Mr. is used more often;

  • Lord is used as a tank, team members can follow the lord while attacking / pushing the enemy.
  • Lord is used as a distraction, Lord is left alone, while the enemy is busy taking care of Lord, our team can destroy towers that are not guarded. The more towers are destroyed, the more mentally the enemy is down.
  • Real lords are used as base destroyers while your team lures the enemy team to war. This strategy is usually carried out when there is at least one enemy path whose three towers have collapsed, so the Lord simply walks towards the base. and it is good if the Minions Alley has been cleared so that the lord remains almost undiscovered on your map. To perform this technique, lure the opposing team into war so that their focus is distracted and the chances of winning are higher as well.

Lords usually go the path with the fewest rooks or those with less rook blood. For example, if the number of towers in each lane is the same and the blood is the same, the lord will take the middle lane. But now, after the update, there are instructions as to which way the Lord will go.
Note: Lord and Turtle are usually killed evenly. But when the late game and your items are purchased, the Lord can handle it alone.

When team members kill turtles, the team receives additional experience and gold (and vice versa). The gold earned is 150 for each member, not bad for adding gold and experience. Let the item buy faster.

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