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A mother throws away her son's 7 billion game collection

Android31 – For some people, video games are a hobby to make money from or just want to get rid of fatigue, but there are people who think that video games are very useless and unimportant. Hence, there are sometimes many differences in understanding between one person and another.

This type of experience also happened to a gamer who is also a video game collector. He admitted that if one of his collectors were dumped by his own mom if the video game is still widespread, it might not be a problem, but this video game collection is a rare video priced at $ 500,000 or the equivalent of $ 7. is estimated at a billion.

In his tweet on Twitter, a gamer who works as an employee at the J&L video game store in New York, USA, keeps all of his collections in his parents’ old house. The video game collection was thrown away by his own mother after thinking it was rubbish while cleaning the house, this of course happened when the collector was away, but how surprised he was when he returned to his parents’ house and didn’t find his video game collection .

In his tweet, the collector joked with the words “will kill someone” of course as part of the joke, how not to get upset, more than 500 Playstation 1 games that are still in sealed condition have disappeared. The tweet has now been deleted and the collector apologized for what he tweeted.

If I were in that position, I might be angry too, not only that, the mom also threw away a collection of rare game consoles such as the Famicom, Super Famicom, Atari, and NeoGeo AES. The mother also tossed away the comic book Magic: The Gathering and a number of her son’s musical instruments.

As a result, of course, the collector loses money, game collections accumulated for years just disappear, the lesson is, when you have a very valuable video game, keep it in a good place and keep communication with your parents so that your favorite video game is not in the Garbage can.

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