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A Guide to Choosing a Ragnarok M-Class: Class Types and Their Strengths and Weaknesses - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

To fulfill the request of a friend who sent suggestions through the inbox on the Playgames ID fan page last night, he said; “Bro, please create a guide to the sequel to the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, please,” without having time to reply to the message, I immediately searched for articles on several websites and blogs promoting the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love to discuss. And from there I plan to make a reference about this game and then post a post on this blog.

Ragnarok M Eternal love

To be honest folks, I never played this game myself, only when I was in high school when I was playing the PC version. I don’t know why I hate to play, even though a lot of my friends here play the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. This is also the reason why the playgames-id blog doesn’t publish or write many ROM (Ragnarok M: Eternal Love) game items.

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As mentioned above, I’m not a Ragnarok M: Eternal Love player, but I have a lot of friends who play the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love game. And with a small offer in the form of a pack of cigarettes, I was finally able to convince them to share information about this game. Coupled with references from other websites / blogs, this article about the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love was created.

Class type Ragnarok M: Eternal love and its strengths and weaknesses

I created this post especially for friends who are still unsure about their career choice. Don’t be lazy to read folks, in this pointless post we are going to cover every advanced (3rd grade) job in depth. I apologize in advance if the information is incorrect. In front of;

Job knight

This job has special skills. Knight can be broken down into different types depending on where the user wants to be directed.

Type dps : With this attacker type, Knight can play in the status type Dex: Agi: Str with a composition of 1: 3: 1, of course with such a build. > Usually requires a lot of capital and patience with this guy, relying only on melee attacks, obviously requires patience at the sub-district level when it comes to farming

Type piercer (Spear half armor): Yaps Knight cannot be a pure armor (Because there is already a Job Paladin) this type is one of the most popular types of Knights. Aside from quite a thick defense and HP, this guy has a large finishing damage output (depending on the rune and equipment layout) and this guy uses the balanced composition of Vit: Str state.

Basher type (sword half armor) : Not much different from the spear type, this bat is also a popular type in its class as the damage is quite large (depending on the runes and equipment).

defect: When farming, this class always needs time to approach the enemy / Momon to cause damage.

The advantages: This class has a large usage and HP, but is also balanced with the damage output, the main thing is to use this class.

Remarks : Job Knight is highly recommended to start playing with STR: AGI status with a 2: 1 make-up until you have enough capital and transform into Lord Knight.


This class of assassins has 2 types in their class

Dagger type (preferred Aspd and Damage): Assassins of all types have a large damage output (depending on runes and equipment) with this type they usually use passive double attack skills they use the Str: Agi: dex status with a composition of 2: 3: 1

Qatar guy (Prefer Krit and Damage): This guy is the most popular of the other assassin types, since this build definitely has a large DMG output, this guy uses the Str: Dex: Luk status with a composition of 3: 2: 1

This class has a large dmg, but lacks deff and HP

The advantages this class can, apart from high damage, be a predator later in WoE, as they can disappear.


The wizard has only 1 type, which is only DPS. In this case, the wizard benefits from the great magical power with runic abilities, which can present a special ability called Meteor Storm, which can later be unlocked in the runic system.

Because of these advantages, Class 1 is the favorite class of all classes as their skill abilities cover a wide range.

disadvantage in this class is the same as assassin doi has a thin deff and HP.

The advantages This class is capable of solo farming


This class is classified as a support class, but there are 3 types for this class, now it’s not just support

Type combat mace : yaps this guy is used for farming and leveling, don’t be wrong, because the advantage is that he can use his own buff for farming. And if he managed to become one of the GG accounts, that guy can boss / hunt. Miniboss, this type of Yaps uses the STR status: Agi: Dex / Luke with 3: 2: 1 Komposisi composition

Type support : Yes, this guy is often used everywhere as this class buff and skill is very helpful for the party

Type atk (int type) : This guy is a type of guy that people often use to farm undead monsters. Yaps Priest has a sacred element attack skill that is very useful for undead monsters

disadvantage This class at the beginning of the game will be very difficult to farm and live

The advantages This class is in great demand under all playing conditions, yes, this class is artist class


This monk class is a class that can kill the boss in one hit !!! Yes, all of this costs time and capital, but if it works, the resulting damage can cause a stir. There are 2 types for this class

Shura type: yaps in this way as described above, with Str: dex status with a composition of 2: 1 it can produce damage that is clearly wow in this way

Farm type : With this type, the monk uses Speed-Atk and special abilities that come with his punches, such as: B. Triple Atk. 1, but when using long distance skills, you usually use int: dex composition 2: 1

The advantages If you just manage to build this class you won’t be disappointed with the results either

disadvantage This job is rarely used. Because this job requires 1 character farming to cover his finances. Because this class requires a very large amount of capital


This class has 3 types. With this class it is typically used for very fast single target farming

Type hitters : this kind of people use a lot in every available mode because the damage it does is quite large and has a high speed. The status used is agi: dex: luk and the composition is 2: 3: 1

Falcon type : yes, with this type people who use it rely on hawks which do quite a lot of damage, enough to do 1 target 1x skill. The status used is int: agi: luk. And the composition is 3: 2: 1. In this way, people like to use it for agriculture.

Trapper type: Yes, some guys. From this hunter, the guy who does the most damage, yes in this guy they like the boss / bossing status in solo mode which is preferable int

disadvantage In this class they have thin defense and HP

The advantages This class has a long range up to agriculture


This job is of 2 types, both of which have a fast Zeny income

Agricultural type : In this type most BS passive skill drop rate items n zeny up to 20% Yep with passive it is clear that many farming hitters use this type of status Str: agi: Composition 2: 1

Type Klopfstein / equipment: with this type people prefer to take stone chips because the results when selling have a pretty high price, here I don’t understand the status and composition, but when you look at that use str: agi: luk because in this way it is is often used semi-farm

The advantage is that it can produce a lot of zeny

The disadvantage is that this class is rarely used in every woe, et, and vr mode


This class is inversely proportional to Bs, this class has a decent type of attack in their class tree, this class is able to summon pets to help with the attack and use some potions to get the int: vit status also used : luk

The advantages There are special potions in contraction mode.

The downside is that he only relies on his summoned pet and farming potions.


This class is unique from the others in that this class has a copy skill that can copy any skill needed, he can use a bow and a dagger.

This class has deadly abilities in each of its types.

Sorry if this post is still missing and inaccurate, if there is any incorrect information, please let me know. For the best build, you can search YouTube using the Build class keyword. There are many who will suggest examples for you.

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