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8 Strongest Jungler Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 21

Android31 – Update Season 21 Patch Note 1.5.88 on Mobile legends becomes very difficult for Hero-Hero Jungler. They will find it very difficult to farm and level up as they are very dependent on the monsters in the jungle lands of the dawn.

If one of their jungle monsters is stolen from these jungle heroes by an enemy or teammate, they will be one step behind other teammates. What’s worse, the Jungler Heroes will be far removed from the enemy’s level, which will surely make it difficult for them to deal great damage.

When that happens, it will be very difficult for them to regain gold and levels as they cannot farm minions in Wave. If you force them to farm in Wave Minions, Gold and Exp are reduced by 70%. This is a loss to the entire team in Mobile Legends if it is done.

For this we provide the 8 strongest Jungler Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 21 Patch Note 1.5.88 so that you can farm quickly in the Monster Jungle without any problems. The following Jungler Heroes are sorted from lowest to highest.

8. Harley

Harley has the ability to manage monster jungles very quickly. At level 1, it only took him 15-20 seconds to kill the Blue Buff monster.

But Harley also has a weakness which is that he can only suppress opponents at the beginning of the game and when he gets into the late game he won’t be very useful.

So take advantage of his ability to farm quickly early in the game to safely suppress enemies from farming. Make sure to steal one of the jungle monsters that are on the enemy’s side so that the jungle stays behind from the enemy in terms of level and gold.

7. Lancelot

Lancelot is a hero assassin who is very difficult to kill as this one hero has many skills to escape or avoid. So it is very well suited to be used as a jungler hero who will cause great damage in the game on Season 21 Patch Note 1.5.88.

When using Lancelot make sure to use its ability to suppress opponents early in the game. If you don’t use this, it will be very difficult to beat your opponent in the late game.

Another of Lancelot’s weaknesses is the need for hand speed to play this hero’s abilities. Nor can he arbitrarily enter the war because his defense is very low.

6. Bruno

Bruno is one of the hero shooters who is suitable as a Jungler Hero in Mobile Legends Season 21 Patch Note 1.5.88. Bruno doesn’t have a lot of damage and attack speed at the start of the game, but if Bruno already only has one attack item like Battle Fury, the critical damage he has will be huge. Bruno was also able to lead the game towards the late game and win.

Bruno’s weakness is that he can be attacked by enemies very easily as he only has 1 ability to escape. He will be very dependent on choosing the right position.

5. Harith

Harith is a hero mage who can still become a jungle hero in season 21. This hero is very agile and difficult to kill by enemies. His ability to clear Monster Jungle early in the game is also very quick.

Harith’s weakness is almost the same as Bruno. If Bruno needs at least one attack item, then Harrith needs at least one magical item before he becomes a deadly hero.

4. Ling

Ling is a suitable assassin hero to become the next jungler hero. His ability to penetrate the rear of the enemy formation was one of Ling’s strengths. He can also do a very fast rotation with his ability 1 that can jump between the walls of the Land of Dawn.

Ling’s weakness means that he is very dependent on the use of energy in combat, so he really needs the Blue Buff to increase his energy resistance. If Ling’s blue buff is taken from the enemy, it will be very difficult to maximize his power.

3. Aldous

Aldous is a jungler hero who went viral from the Esports Blacklist team when he appeared in one of the MSC Philippines 2021 games.

Aldous does not have the ability to deal very painful damage early in the game. He must also be supported by Estes or Angela in order to survive in the war. However, this hero can distract the enemy’s attention to him.

If the enemy intends to kill Aldous who is tough if they get 2 jungle buffs at the same time, the team’s side laner will bring down the enemy one at a time.

2. Yi Sun-Shin

Yi Sun-Shin will be a very annoying hero jungler in Season 21 of Mobile Legends. Ultimate from Yi Sun-Shin, who knows all the enemy positions, will be very beneficial for the team.

If we have information about all enemy positions, we can use that to capture Monster Turtle / Lord, provide information about the whereabouts of enemies ganking towards the Side Laner, or when to make sure we are not disturbed for that Ganking to one of the enemies.

Yi Sun-Shin also has a very good anti-crowd control ability to outsmart opponents. He can also get rid of Monster Jungler very quickly at the beginning of the game.

1. Granger

Granger became the strongest jungler hero number 1 in Mobile Legends Season 21 Patch Note 1.5.88. The ability to undermine opponents very quickly with Skill 1, which has very high damage, clears jungle monsters very quickly compared to other snipers, and Ultimate, which has a very long attack distance, is Granger’s advantage.

So far, Granger has had no major flaws. He can also lead the team to the late game. Once Granger has made a combo with Hero Chang’e, the enemy can be killed remotely.

These are the heroes who are very suitable in Mobile Legends Season 21 Patch Note 1.5.88 and deserve to be junglers.

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