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8 Mobile Legends Skins Released in 2021

Android31 – Moonton releases new skins for Hero Mobile Legends every month. Lots of skins leaked a few months ago, but Moonton hasn’t released the skins yet. And many gamers hope that these cool skins can be released in 2021.

The following cool skins for Hero Mobile Legends have been leaked and are expected to be released in 2021:

1. Vale Kannagi

As the first Hero Vale skin, Vale is a mage-type hero who has very good control over the crowd.

As you can see above, Vale has skin that looks like a Japanese samurai that looks cool and dashing.

2. Hanzo Jigoku Shura

Hanzo is a Mobile Legends Hero with the Assassin type, in which this hero has strong damage and good health.

Hanzo Jigoku Shura’s skin looks very cool and scary, Hanzo looks like a devil who is always ready to attack with a fiery red sword. Possibly this skin is Hanzo’s epic skin.

3. Ling Cosmo Guard

Ling is a heroic role as Burst Damager or Reap, his Cosmo Skin looks mostly white. A cool blazer that is worn with a sword.

4. Selena Gothic curse

Selena is contained in a very capable hero when you use him to gank enemies.

As for the skin itself, as the name suggests, the theme of this skin is Gothic, which is synonymous with dark colors and elements of darkness and mystery.

5. Kagura Rainy Walk

This magician-type hero, known as the ghost master, is also getting a new skin. This skin, called the Rainy Walk, gives a different look to Kagura, who wears a yellow umbrella as a weapon, and Kagura wears a jacket that adds to the beauty of this hero.

6. Guinevere Sakura wishes

This hero is a hybrid hero-fighter or mage who has many mass skills.

This skin will show Guinevere wearing a typical Japanese yukata with a pink color that looks beautiful and elegant.

7. Valir Demon Lord

Valir is a Hero Mobile Legends-type mage with the power of fire. This hero gets a skin called Demonlord.

According to the name of the skin, Valir’s appearance here looks like a very powerful demon. Still in the typical Japanese look with dominant black and gold clothes.

8. Benedetta Street Blow

Benedetta is an assassin type heroine who has a very high and strong immune skin.

This Street Blow skin makes Benedetta look really cool when she’s wearing a skateboard and holding a gun as a weapon.

The last word

This is the article about 8 Mobile Legends Skins to be released in 2021.

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