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7 list of the best Android offline games without internet

Best Android offline games without internet – Current cell phone usage is not just used for texting, making calls or using social media. Many cell phone owners who currently use the Android operating system mostly use their gadgets to banish boredom from their everyday lives. One of the ways to get rid of boredom is to play online and offline games.

Playing online games will be very easy if the place has a good connection and also a sufficient quota. But what if you want to play a game in a vehicle that is going somewhere? Of course, it is very uncomfortable for you if the connection is hindered. But don’t worry, now you have a huge collection of offline games that you can play anytime, anywhere.

Best Android offline games without internet

Papa was a thief

This game is usually played by all ages, both children and adults. This game tells the story of a father who is fired from his job and then becomes a robber. And of course you play the father in this game. Some of the tools that can be found in this game include: Shortcuts, power-ups as well as Combined speed boost. This game is a lot of fun because it has a fun and changing background.

Subway surfers

This offline game was surely played by game lovers. This game is so fun that you will get addicted to playing it. This game tells about children who scribble in public, then there are officers who chase them. The game is very easy to play even for beginners.

Piano tiles 2

Do you know the game Piano Tilles 2? A game with very simple rules, which only presses on the black stones and avoids other empty stones and is accompanied by music, you will feel comfortable with this game. The gameplay in this game starts with rhythm slow and slow is getting faster and faster.


Have you tried this one game? Peju is a game that is played by shaking the Android. The goal that must be achieved in the fighting game is to swim through the obstacles that are in front of the fighters.

Angry Birds 2

This game, which has a lot of fans, has been downloaded millions of times. This offline game always features new characters from time to time, so Angry Bird lovers keep trying this game. Nice characters and accompanied by good visual effects make the game more lively.

Temple Run 2

This classic game has a hero theme. When you play this game you will become a hero or a hero walking on a temple complex that is no longer in use because it is being chased by a gorilla or something. On your way to avoid being chased by gorillas, you can collect coins and turn on which can be used to avoid the gorilla. Sliding, turning right and left or jumping are allowed and can be performed in this offline game.


Although this game is not played with an internet connection, it is still a lot of fun. In this game you have to defend yourself against all enemies and try to escape the shooter. Feel free to play this game that looks simple but makes you feel like you are being challenged.

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These are some offline games that you can play without an internet connection. Please try to play on the edge of your daily routine. You can download all of the above games for free directly from the PlayStore. Regards!.

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