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Title: 6 types of maps to enjoy in Mobile Legends
Link: 6 types of maps you can enjoy in Mobile Legends

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6 types of maps to enjoy in Mobile Legends

There is more than one card to enjoy in Mobile Legends. The card has different rules of the game. There are currently at least 6 maps in Mobile Legends. That is Ranking, Classic, Brawl, Vs Al, Custom and Event card. The six cards have their own properties. So what is it, let’s take a look 6th Type Map in Mobile Legends.

Ranked game

In the map ranked match you will fight 5v5 with a 3 lane map using the hero you bought earlier. As the name suggests, this is where you fight to level up. In this mode, every team has the ambition to win. Playing ranked games can also complete the achievement mission. If your level is epic or higher, use draft pick mode to play ranked matches.

Classic mode

Almost the same as in ranked mode, the difference is that you just play normally. Fight 5 vs 5 with Map 3 Lane and you can use heroes that are currently free to use. Playing the classic mode can complete achievement missions and also affect your win rate. Well, usually Classic mode is a place to learn hero. So don’t be too ambitious to win.

Brawl mode

Brawl mode is a battle feature that is very different from other maps. In Brawl you fight on map 1 lane and the hero selection is random, so you cannot choose a hero at will. The uniqueness of Brawl mode is that you cannot call back and you cannot buy items during combat. Playing Brawl Mode has a huge impact on win rate, but playing Brawl Mode cannot complete the Achievement Mission.

against Al

Map Vs Al is a battle feature with the same map as Rank and Classic, namely 3 Lane. The difference is that your opponent is a computer but your team is a player, 5 players against 5 computers. Playing on card against Al will not affect your win rate, nor will it be able to complete the Success Mission. So Map Vs Al is a place for beginners and also a place for players to learn their heroes.


Custom mode is a combat feature that you can choose at will. In the custom mode you can freely choose your opponent and friend, it can be a computer or another player. Also in custom mode you can choose 3 types of cards, namely Classic, Draft Pick and Brawl. Custom mode is the perfect place for anyone who wants to learn heroes. Playing on this card does not affect winnings. Evaluate and unable to complete the achievement mission

Event card

After all, the map, which is only shown at certain times, is precisely when the event is taking place. The card will later have different functions than other cards, of course it will be related to the event. So you can only enjoy this card during the event.

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