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6 Reasons Why You Must Use Phoveus Mobile Legends

Android31 – Moonton is the developer of the Mobile Legends game, and Mobile Legends has just released its newest hero in Season 19, May 12th 2021, namely phoveus. Phoveus is a fighter-type hero, since its appearance this hero has always been a tire subscriber in the land of dawn, which means that many users are afraid to face this hero.

To help you play more GG in Mobile Legends, here are 6 reasons why you should use Phoveus in Mobile Legends game.

1. EZ Kill

When you use this hero, you are likely to stand one by one with other battle heroes that you will easily win. Ability 1 Phoveus is able to gradually kill the enemy’s HP, for example Chou, Esmeralda, Yu Zhoung and Uranus will lose to Phoveus. When the enemy’s HP is below 1/4 percent, just use the execution spell to defeat the enemy instantly.

2. Strong magician-type fighter

META, or the most effective tactic available in Land of Dawn, is now very easy for you to win when using a hero with a very strong fighter or difficult to kill. Heroes with strong fighter types are needed to win the line so that Hypercarry can easily be in the jungle. In addition, the hunter is also expected to be able to help defenses behind or alongside a tank. Phoveus is a hero very well suited to winning the line before the game, with very heavy damage that can destroy enemy cores very easily.

3. Win 1 against 5

Your teammates will be very happy if there is a fighter who can win against 1 versus 5 enemies, let alone manage to cut the enemy’s HP by half, your teammates will definitely be very helpful. But remember, don’t force yourself to fight all the enemies, call for reinforcements quickly when ganked by the enemy.

Phoveus is a very precise hero and can even defeat enemies with 1 against 5 at once.

4. Difficult to lock

Ultimate Phoveus jumps towards the enemy it has tagged. If he jumps and hits the ground, Phoveus receives an additional shield. With this ultimate, he can buy time when the enemy does damage.

For example, when you face 3 enemies and you cannot escape. Make sure to mark the core of the enemy and jump on it. When their friends take up chase, jump on top of other enemies to confuse the enemy. Do this until reinforcements arrive. If you are lucky, you may be able to kill an enemy before you are killed. This is of course an advantage for you.

5. Ultimate shield

It turns out that Phoevus can have unlimited shields. To get this ultimate shield you have to follow the sickest Phoveus 2021 build listed below:

6. Can encounter agile / blinking heroes

Hero agile or flashing like Lancelot, Harley, Chou, Granger and Hayabusa. You will not be able to escape Phoveus’ attacks as long as you tag the enemy beforehand.

So these are 6 reasons for you to use Phoveus in battle in Mobile Legends.

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