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6+ How to Delete Mobile Legends Account on Facebook and VK – Do you want to change accounts? How to Permanently Delete Mobile Legends Facebook and VK Accounts. Guaranteed to work 100%!

There are many people who would like to know how to delete a Mobile Legends account on their smartphone. But quite a few people are still confused about the tutorial.

So I’m going to offer steps that have been shown to be effective to permanently delete or reset a Mobile Legends account. In fact, there are many reasons why people might want to delete Mobile Legends account.

The main reason is their desire to repeat the Mobile Legends account from the start. Some people believe that using a new account can improve win rate and easily target local top positions.

I have tried this method repeatedly myself and it has been proven that you can permanently reset or delete a Mobile Legends account. If you are interested, you can check out the tutorial below!

6+ How to Permanently Delete Mobile Legends Account

The steps are as follows:

1. Release all of your accounts

How to delete the Mobile Legends accountThe first thing to do to delete your Mobile Legends account is to revoke the Facebook account and email address associated with the Mobile Legends account.

The method is very simple, namely:

  • Please open the Mobile Legends game.
  • Please click on your cell phone legend photo / avatar.
  • on the menu, Basic information (Basic info) please click on the button account
  • click Bind account
  • Then please TO SOLVE all social media related to your Mobile Legends account.

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2. Delete all data from Google Play services

This method is used to ensure that the Mobile Legends account associated with the Google Play Game account can be properly disconnected. But don’t worry, all data on your smartphone will not be lost, only the Mobile Legends data will be separated.

The method is very simple, namely:

  • Select settings or settings on your smartphone
  • Select menu use or apps
  • Find and select the application named Google Play Services
  • Tap on Option Manage storage space
  • Then choose Erase all data

Easy enough right? At this point, the Google Play Game account was disconnected from your old Mobile Legends account.

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3. Clear Mobile Legends data and cache

How to reset the Mobile Legends accountAfter giving birth, you need to clean up mobile legends from your smartphone. If you can please clean the Mobile Legends game to the root of the job.

Or you can also do it by:

  • Click and hold the Mobile Legends application, then select Application info
  • Select delete data
  • Select clear cache
  • Then last Uninstall or uninstall the application

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4. Purge Mobile Legends from your Facebook account history

Even if we have an undelivered Mobile Legends account from Facebook, Facebook will still save your last game stats in the Mobile Legends game. To do this, delete Mobile Legends from the Facebook application.

  • Please open your Facebook account linked to the previous Mobile Legends account.
  • Click on the three-line icon next to or called generically Options menu.
  • Scroll and select menu Account settings.
  • Scroll and select menu use.
  • please click Log in with Facebook.
  • Find and select apps Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • The last step, please choose Delete the app.

Mobile Legends account has been deleted

At this point, the Mobile Legends account associated with your Facebook has actually been deleted.

5. Turn off your smartphone and restart it

After you’ve done all of the above, it’s time to restart your smartphone for the system to run properly.

6. Open Mobile Legends and create a new account

By this step, you have successfully permanently deleted Mobile Legends account folks! Now you can create a new Mobile Legends account and win lower level battles more easily.

Update from January 14, 2021

Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of deleting the old account in order to create a new one. You can use a multiplier app to make it easier to create a new account. The advantage, after doubling this game, you can create a new account immediately. After the account has been successfully created, you can bind this new account to Facebook or VK. This route is of course much easier.

The last word

How to Permanently Delete Mobile Legends Accounts on Facebook and VK. Hope this article helps all of you. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media.

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