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6 Best Shooter in January 2021

Sagittarius is a key role in Mobile Legends that must be included in every team composition. A sniper can do a lot of damage and destroy the tower very quickly, especially in the late game. Of the many Marksman currently available, there are only six of the best Marksman Mobile Legends heroes to use for push rank as of January. And here are the 6 best shooters in January.

In 2 consecutive patch updates, Clint is getting a fairly high buff and a significant revision of Skill 1, so Clint’s damage is no longer as terrible as it used to be.

Yi Sun-Shin is still a sniper hero with pretty overpowering abilities due to the fact that he is capable of causing great damage and has skills that can be used to avoid enemy attacks. His Without a Trace ability (1) enables Yi Sun-Shin to sprint and make him immune to crowd control effects, and he also has the Blood Flood ability (2), which can inflict tremendous damage on enemies.


The best Marksman Mobile Legends hero in the first place is Karrie. Karrie is the best choice for Marksman Mobile Legends to fight even very thick tanks as Karrie’s passive ability called Light Wheel Mark (Passive) allows her to do extra real damage that is very painful.

When the late game arrives and Karrie already owns all of the core items like Endless Battle or Golden Staff, Karrie can take out any opponent very quickly, as Karrie’s true damage also deals damage of 12% of the opponent’s maximum HP. The thicker the opponent’s HP, the greater the damage Karrie will do with her passive ability.


Next up is Brody, a shooter who is relatively new to Mobile Legends. Brody is a sniper hero with a high burst ability, and his attacks can also be critical.

Brody is capable of dealing high explosive damage to opponents and taking down enemies with just a few attacks. In addition, Brody also has an automatic attack that can give the enemy the effect of reducing the attack speed.


In the patch update 1.5.46, Moskov gets a buff, of course this buff turns Moskov into a creepy Markman. Attack speed and critical damage generated by Moskov are very high and, supported by Moskov’s second skill, will be very uncomfortable for the opponent.


Since he got a buff a while ago, that one hero has come back to the surface. The damage in the early game to late game is terrible, and Claude has high movement speed too, making it very difficult to catch.

That is the discussion of the 6 best Marksman Mobile Legends heroes in January 2021.

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