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6 Best Original Made In Indonesia Android Games

Best Android Game Original Made in Indonesia – The rapid development of technology, especially Android, does not make all the people in the world to be out of date. Developers compete for new creations to participate in the development of these technologies. Indonesia also has smart people who take part in technological developments, games from Indonesian developers are no less good than other countries.

With a language that supports Indonesian, games developed by the country’s children have a lot of enthusiasts. If you don’t know, we’ll take this opportunity to describe some of these games.

Collection of the best Android games Original Made in Indonesia

Pop quiz icon

This game presents 1000 pictures that you can guess based on the characters of the people. This quiz game is quite famous and it will make you feel like trying again to reach the next level.

Crossword puzzle

This game has been quite famous for a long time, usually you can find crossword puzzles in certain magazines where you can later send the answers for prizes. But now you can play crossword puzzles on your phone. So you don’t have to bother buying magazines. This type of game requires extensive knowledge. For those of you who want to know how advanced your knowledge is, you have to try this exciting game.


In this game you have to match two pictures of Pokémon. This application is quite old, but this game will help you sharpen your brain. In addition to playing games, this is an easy way to sharpen your brain. This unique game can be downloaded for free from the Google PlayStore.

pora the sea savior

Made by the nation’s children, this game tells the story of the filth of Lake Toba. Your task in this game is to clean up the garbage around Lake Toba. Pora in this game is a fish that lives in the lake and can release bubbles from its mouth. The bubbles are then able to lift the existing garbage. There are many levels in this game that challenge you to keep trying to level above it. In this game, users can also choose beautiful lakes in Indonesia.

Leisure park boci: Carnival

This type of game is very suitable for toddlers to play with. You can play it by touching the object on the screen, then cute and adorable animation will appear.

feed my zoo

The works of the children of the nation usually have some feature in their work. Likewise in this game. The task of the game user is to match the fruit to the same fruit. The obstacle in this game is that the fruits that the user will assign must also match the animal on the screen.

Games from Indonesian children no less good with games made abroad. Made in Indonesia is more likely to raise things about the culture or conditions in the country. Let’s love Indonesia using Indonesian works. All of the above games can be downloaded for free from the Google PlayStore.

Here is the information about The best original Android game from Indonesia What can i say Hopefully useful and can expand your knowledge. Good luck, greetings !.

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