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5 tips to quickly level your way up to Mythic in season 21

5 tips to quickly level your way up to Mythic in season 21

When playing solo leaderboards in Mobile Legends, you will feel anxious if there is a player feeder that can cause defeat.

This happens because the hero used does not match the hero used by the enemy or does not follow meta.

Even more so when a teammate tries to play a hero who is not controlled with the reason of the opponent’s counter-hero!

But don’t worry, this won’t happen if you know 5 tips to quickly hit Mythic in Season 21. Here are tips for solo ranked players to level up Mythic quickly!

1. Claim a hero with the highest win rate!

Claim a hero with the highest win rate

Challenge your favorite hero with a win rate of over 60%! Also, sometimes you are lazy to display your lead actor’s win rate. But that’s the rated solo player’s biggest mistake!

Because if you don’t request a hero with a high winrate. Your team won’t believe that you are really good at this hero and they will deploy their main hero and the line-up will be messy!

2. Use the most powerful hero

Use the most overwhelmed hero

Each player has to be one of the best controlled heroes and of course different in terms of the hero role. When you deploy a mastered hero, the chances of winning the game are much easier!

But you don’t have to stick to just one hero either! Try another hero! The more heroes that can be mastered, the easier it will be to fill the lineup at the draft pick!

3. Watch “Forbid Heroes”

Watch “Forbid Heroes”

The third tip is to choose ban heroes! It is very important to ban heroes who can make a defeat. Because you will not know how great the enemy is, who can use the hero well when he is released from the spell.

Therefore, you have to watch out for bans so that the draft pick used by the opponent does not become too difficult and can be countered with your main hero.

4. Learn meta from professional gamers

Learn meta from pro players

Learning meta is very important! because if you don’t follow Meta Season 18 you will be overwhelmed when you encounter enemies who use Meta and Strategy now!

To find out the strongest meta. You can watch the games of the Pro Players! By streaming them live or watching MPL games. You will find out which heroes contain OP and which strategies are used in each game!

5. Do not play leaderboards if you have lost 2 times in a row

Do not play ranked if you have lost 2 times in a row

There must be winners and losers in every game! For those of you who have consecutive wins or streaks of victories. don’t stop playing!

If you stop playing leaderboards for a moment, you have no idea what kind of team you will face in the next game. If you lose more than 2x, stop playing! because the loss is huge and losestreak is inevitable.

How do you know tips on how to win in ranked mode so you can level up Mythic quickly? You can try the above methods in any game. That way, your chance of winning the match is very big and the Mythic rank is reached very quickly.

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