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5 parties that Riot Games has worked with on stunning projects

  • You could say Riot games always manage to surprise their players when they start new projects.
  • It is not uncommon for these projects to work with several well-known parties such as public figures or well-known brands.
  • From there, SKOR Indonesia grouped five parties that worked with Riot Games and produce breathtaking projects. – Series of parties that had taken part in a stunning project together Riot games.

Riot Games is not only known for its expertise in developing games for gamers.

Not infrequently, they also work with multiple parties that are no less impressive than the games they are developing.

The results of these collaborations are not just part of their game, either.

Some of them are collaborations in fashion, songs and a lot more.

Of the various collaborations carried out by Riot Games, SKOR Indonesia found that five parties had worked with an American game development company, Riot Games.

Here are five public figures or companies who have worked with Riot Games on various breathtaking projects:


Riot Games shocked shoe lovers around the world with the creation of a collaboration project with a shoe brand from the United States, Nike, in 2020.

This collaboration resulted in the Nike Air Jordan 1 Zoom, whose color scheme was inspired by the League of Legends Cup, The World.

The shoes are available in purple and white and can change color depending on the viewing angle.

Louis Vuitton

Who does not know a luxury fashion brand that usually brings luxury products to the market here at fantastic prices.

LV apparently also worked with Riot Games during The Worlds 2019.

The collaborations include watches, jackets, bags, hats and sneakers with LV motifs adorned with League of Legends patterns.


Not only in the fashion world, Riot Games is also known as a game development company that likes to bring projects in the field of music to the market.

Like the result of the collaboration between Riot Games and the K-pop group TWICE.

The collaboration took place in 2020, which resulted in the K / DA album entitled ALL OUT.

Strange genius

In addition to targeting world characters, Riot Games also worked with Indonesian musical group Weird Genius.

This collaboration is here to welcome Riot Games’ mobile moba game, LoL: Wild Rift.

As a result, a song called All In was released by Weird Genius, which was dedicated to Wild Rift players.


Another collaboration was started by Riot Games, who in turn worked with musicians, namely DJ Zedd.

The collaboration is for Riot’s FPS game, Valorant.

As a result, the Spectrum Skin series was launched with various bells and whistles such as a music concert by the German DJ.

Click the picture to visit our digital assets.

Click the picture to visit our digital assets.

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