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5 heroes receiving Buff Update Patch 1.6.10 Mobile Legends 2021

Together with the release of three skins from the collaboration between Moonton x Transformers, Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends, released patch 1.6.10 on August 23, 2021, which includes many changes to the game. Many heroes receive changes ranging from reworks, nerfs to buffs.

Buff is an increase in strength, usually the hero is used a lot due to the increase in strength of the buffed hero.

Revamp is an update on hero skills and hero appearances.

Nerf is a name for a hero who receives a reduction in skills for a hero that is too overpowering, as in the example in the current patch, Balmon’s hero is nerfed by Moonton.

5 heroes receiving Buff Patch 1.6.10

1. Fanny

This already deadly hero is now getting much more deadly, his damage increased drastically enough to make Fanny’s player more daring to attack the enemy.

  • Skill 1 – Base damage increased from 320-480 to 320-520, additional physical attack to 80%.

2. Granger

Hero Granger in the final patch Ultimate Granger cannot be canceled, so it is difficult to attack the Granger hero with other skills when an enemy hero approaches.

  • Ultimate Skill – can now be canceled, the cooldown is returned in a reasonable amount and can be attacked with the skill with the crowd control effect.

3. Pharsa

An error has occurred, the base damage of Pharsa cannot be increased even though the hero’s level is exhausted.

  • Passive Skill – Increases the additional magical power with each attack from 80% to 100%.
  • Skill Two – Reduces the cooldown of the previous skill from 6.5 seconds to 5 seconds.

4. Valir

Valir has become more deadly, now this hero can farm and kill enemies with minions.

  • Skill One – Killing Minions and Creeps refreshes a load of this skill.

5. Alpha

Hero Alpha is pretty weak when entering late season, so Moonton offers a significant boost to its main skill.

  • Attribute base defense increased from 20 to 30.
  • Skill Two – Reduces the cooldown of this skill by 1 second, from 7.4 seconds to 6.4 seconds

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