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5 great loot points for the Sanhok PUBG Mobile Map. Autobars!

Good loot spots for PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map
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There are few good loot spots on the Sanhok map and you have to be quick when looting because this map is small, unlike other maps. The Sanhok card is 4×4 while the other cards are 8×8.

What is loot?

Looting is an activity performed by players to collect or search for items such as vests, helmets, armor, medkits, weapons, and other equipment. Looting is also a feature of the term in the PUBG game.

Every player must have a favorite place to loot on every map, some players like places that go straight to war (bar bars from the beginning of the game), as some players sometimes have no weapons every time they land in a certain city, Vests / armor and helmets.

So that those of us who already have weapons can look for them immediately without hesitation and fear, so that we get a lot of kills from the start, but on the contrary, if we have not found our weapons, the enemy will look.

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Some players who focus on survival descend to cities rarely visited by other players in order to survive until the late game (barbarian late game) and loot safely and comfortably without interference from other players.

If you like to play bars with the risk of leaving soon and coming back to the lobby, there are several places that PUBG Mobile gamers are happy to turn into riotous wars / bars as these places are good for loot and therefore often fought over.

5 good loot locations on the Sanhok map

1. Bootcamp

There is no doubt that this place is very famous for its barbarism as there are a lot of players down here, the loot is very good, and its strategic location is often contested in tournaments and normal games if you don’t want too much in this place you have to take the edge of the bootcamp first to be able to loot safely, but if you are a typical barbarian you can go directly to the bootcamp center, namely in the big house in the middle you definitely get weapons and can exterminate the enemies immediately.

2. Paradise Resort

this place is also the same as a boot camp, there are a lot of players who come here because when you go down here your equipment is very complete but you have to fight for a place with other players too if you don’t want to be here too you have to take the ledge first, because if you go straight to the central area, the enemy will definitely be shot directly from different directions.

3. Ruins

This place is a BTR Esports looting site during PMGC parachuting on the Sanhok map yesterday you will definitely be someone ruler of the ruins because if you are late you will definitely be shot by the enemy welcoming you but if you don’t want too fast, you can point your parachute directly at the underground ruins and go through the dungeon you will definitely find weapons there.

4. Nan cake

this town near the river is also a place for bars, you have to be careful because here a lot of players hold their feet, you have to carefully and carefully check different houses because if you are not ready you may be surprised to shoot / hbd .

5. Camp bravo

Even if this place is on the edge of the island, this place is no less barbaric than any other map card, yesterday I just passed this place, a lot of players ended up there, you have to be smart to find a position, because if if If you get out of your position, you can be shot by the enemy or put in the grenade. You also need to shop around whether it is safe or not because if you are about to move, your home is definitely safe.


So this is a little new tips card in my opinion and experience, you don’t have to copy the tips I gave you, you have to watch, learn and modify according to your game if you are a typical player who likes to play To be on the safe side, stay away from this place or just watch who the place is. Know you can steal kills remotely.

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