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5 Attack on Titan themed Android games

Android31 – Attack on Titan is an anime series that internet users have been talking about lately.

Because of its popularity, many game developers have invited Attack on Titan to collaborate. What games are Attack on Titan themed? Here is the list.

1. Knife out

The first Android game to partner with Attack on Titan is Knives Out, a battle royale game that is very popular with mobile gamers.

Knives Out has a look and gameplay quite familiar to other games if you often play Battle Royale-themed games.

In a game, up to 100 players are divided into several squads, with each squad consisting of 5 people.

In addition to Battle Royale, this game also offers other modes such as Sniper Battle, Team Fight and 50 vs 50.

2. Valkyrie Connect

The second game in collaboration with Attack on Titan is Valkyrie Connect. This game is a turn-based RPG game where you take turns attacking with your opponent.

As with most RPG games, this game gives you gacha to acquire characters.

One of the characters in this game, namely Eren from the anime series Attack on Titan.

3. The seven deadly sins: Grand Cross

The third game is The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. This game is based on the anime series Seven Deadly Sins. This game has pretty high resolution 3D graphics and 100 very dramatic cutscenes.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross features a turn-based fighting style with skills that are present by every character. To get these characters you can use the gacha feature by using some in-game currency.

4. The alchemist code

The fourth game is The Alchemist Code by gumi Inc. This game is also an RPG game.

5. LINE Ranger

The 1st through 4th games are games that have long collaborated with the Attack on Titan anime series. Line Rangers just worked with Attack on Titan.

You can use multiple Attack on Titan characters like Eren, Levi, Mikasa, and Reiner to play in the game.

Getting these characters is not easy, you have to sacrifice 300 diamonds for the character’s gacha.

The last word

Hence the list of 5 Attack on Titan themed games, if there are other games that work with Attack on Titan let me know in the comments section.

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