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4 latest GPX list for Mobile Legends Division

Reported by the official Instagram page @ gpx.idn, they have announced their latest list of 4 for the Mobile Legends division. (10.09.2021)

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These 4 people are Kido, Watt, Fredo and Rinazmi. They are believed to be heading straight to the MDL ID Season 4 event to join the GPX team. “Let us warmly welcome the four new family members of the Ax Gang,” wrote GPX in the 4th post of the latest GPX roster.

This of course invited many GPX fans to give welcome comments to the 4 professional players of the former Genflix Aerowolf team. Due to the non-payment of players on the Genflix Aerowolf team, Kido and his friends decided to switch to this GPX team.

The role of every new GPX roaster
1. Fredo
Fredo's newest roster GPX

Fredo will fill the tank roll in the GXP Mobile Legends Division. He is famous for his ferocity in using Hero Akai. It’s not uncommon for Fredo to share Build which is very useful for tank players in Mobile Legends.

2. watt
Latest watt list gpx

watt is an all-rounder with many heroes that he can master in Mobile Legends.

He can fill the role Hyper carry / jungler even Offlaner. This will make GPX very strong in the MDL Season 4 Championship.

3rd child
The latest Kido list from Gpx

child is a professional role Midlaner. He was famous for his ferocity to play the hero – Hero magician with high mechanics. The best hero of Kido in Mobile Legends is Selena.

4. Rinazmi
Rinazmi latest gpx list

Rinazmi is a Mobile Legends professional gamer to fill the role Offlaner. His best heroes are Lapu-Lapu, Yu Zhong and Khaleed. These heroes will be very tough when played by Rinazmi.

The 5th new GPX roaster

There is an issue called the presence of the newest 5th squad on the GPX team. reports Iqino.

He is a former Genflix Aerowolf Jr player who left and is a former Top Global 1 Indonesia Hero Granger. However, this is still a problem and there has been no official announcement from GPX team management.

That’s the news on the newest division of Roaster GPX Mobile Legends. Make sure you only post other exciting games on Gamebrott.

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