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4 best assassins in Season 11 of Mobile Legends. Which is your favorite?

The 4 best assassins in Season 11 of Mobile Legends

Assassin is one of the roles in Mobile legends who plays an important role in a team. Usually assassin heroes act as enforcers so that the enemy really dies. In addition, the main task of this hero is to collect enemy core heroes so that they do not grow.

In this meta-season 11, battle heroes seem to be in control. As we can see, Leomord is plucked often, as is Aldous. Some time ago, Badang was also dismissed as a fighter hero. And this month there will also be a new mage fighter named Guinevere.

But that doesn’t mean that the assassin hero role isn’t needed on the team. This hero is of course very important as his main task is to suppress the development of enemy core heroes such as shooters. But unfortunately not all good assassins are used in the meta right now.

The 4 best Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 11

In this article, Cecepkocep will now discuss the 4 Assassin Heroes who are currently OP or the best in Season 11. These 4 assassins are often used in almost all ranks including Mytic, even professional players often use these 4 assassins. Who are you? Let’s check out the review below.

4. Fanny

The 4 best assassins in Season 11 of Mobile Legends
Fanny Starlight Skin, Royal Cavalry

Fanny is a timeless assassin. It’s been almost a couple of seasons since Fanny has always been a disturbing assassin, especially at the Legends tier and below. User Fanny is always loyal, although this hero has been starved several times.

Fanny is still a very strong assassin, especially in the early to late game. This hero not only does terrible damage, but is also very difficult to pick up. Only certain heroes can kidnap Fanny, like Chou, Zilong and Saber.

Fanny can be a hero who can take care of teammates if the user is a fake or a noob player. Because I like to worry myself when there is a fanny user who is on the same team as us. Even though he has solid game stats, I don’t entirely believe him. It is feared that he will only be a burden to the team or feeder because he could not master this hero.

But if this fanny were used by a professional gamer, she really would be a terrifying assassin. This hero can make the opposing team nervous, especially for the Legend level and below.

At Legends and Mytic levels, Fanny is not very effective. Because the style of play on this game is always ganking. While Fanny is very easy to gank, especially from heroes who have skills Crowd control. But when used by a really professional gamer, it’s still dangerous. For example, Oura and Zxuan are used.

3. Lancelot

The 4 best assassins in Season 11 of Mobile Legends
Lancelot Elite Skin, Royal Matador

At the time, Lancelot was the most feared assassin because the damage he did was really insane, especially with his second ability. However, the nerf that appeared in patch 1.2.96 has resulted in its infrequent use in ranked mode, especially in epic tiers and above.

In patch 1.2.96, Damage modifier Lancelot’s skill has been reduced from 150% bonus physical attack to 100% bonus physical attack. This pretty much reduces the damage done by Skill 2 even though the Lancelot item is ready.

Then Skill 2 only takes up 40% of the total spell vam you have, while before patch 1.2.96 it was 100%. So if you buy a Bloolust ax item, for example, the spell vamp that works is only 8% (40% of 20% is 8%). In addition to the reduced damage, the vampire spell is also less pronounced than the vampire spell.

Nerf, which appeared in patch 1.2.96, made Lancelot users change their gameplay or style of play. Because in addition to reduced damage, durability or endurance is not so good for team fights, as the magic vamp of Skill 2 is reduced.

To anticipate this, Lancelot users now rarely use Bloodlust Ax items and prefer Endless Battles as they often rely on simple attacks. But if you really need the skill, just use the Bloodlust Ax item.

So if you want to use Lancelot in season 11, try to get ahead of the enemy in gold and experience. If so, rest assured that Lancelot will be very dangerous, if not as dangerous as it was before.

First, try to craft your core items like Endless Battle and Blade of Despair. You can see Lancelot’s gameplay from pro players like RRQ Ayam Jago.

2nd clue

The 4 best assassins in Season 11 of Mobile Legends
Gusion Elite Skin, haristylist

Gusion is also a very agile assassin and very difficult to kidnap. Additionally, the damage done by Gusion is huge, especially with its second ability. When used by professional users, Gusion is very dangerous.

But this Gusion is a very difficult hero to master (it’s harder for Fanny) so you will need to practice repeatedly in order to get the combo out properly. Because this hero will be very ugly if used by wrong players.

The main skill of this gusion is actually its first skill. It turns out that this skill cannot easily hit the enemy. You need to be able to predict the enemy’s movement, especially when the enemy is moving.

The skill that does the most damage is the second skill, especially if you’ve used the ultimate skill. You will be hit by 10 daggers at once when Gusion uses the ultimate skill.

But unfortunately this Gusion is very weak in the late game as the damage it does is already less than that of the shooter. Therefore, you need to play Gusioin users as aggressively as possible in the early to mid-game stages. Try to target the enemy carry like a sniper so it doesn’t grow.

1. Helkurt

The 4 best assassins in Season 11 of Mobile Legends
Helcurt Ice Scythe Mobile Legends

In Meta, Helcurt is rarely banned anymore because heroes like Lunox, Harith and Kadita appear who are more dangerous than him. This hero is very dangerous as not only does it deal tremendous damage, but it is also a silence skill that the enemy may not be able to spend abilities for a few seconds.

In the past, Natalia was the best assassin to pick up, but now Helcurt is able to pick up enemies more effectively. Especially after Natalia got a makeover, which actually makes it less effective (doesn’t apply to pro players).

This Helcurt with its Ultimate is very useful for the war as it can blind the map for a few seconds. This ability, of course, will disrupt the enemy’s concentration. In addition, Helcurt has a silent effect and Skill 2, which does a lot of damage.

This helcurt can dominate in the early to middle game. In the late game, Helcurt needs to be vigilant as the shooter can dominate the game at this point. Therefore, harash is always Sagittarius in the early and middle game so as not to develop.

So these are the 4 best assassin heroes in Season 11 of Mobile Legends. Actually, all assassins are good guys, depending on the user. But in my personal opinion, the four heroes are often used in the Epic to Mytic levels.

Do you have any other supplements? Share your thoughts in the comments column. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for the latest articles. Thanks very much.

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